Stacking Windows – SI3000S


Stacking glass windows by Solar Innovations, Inc. are a scaled down version of a stacking glass wall and can be in similar applications. The main difference between the two are the dimensions; stacking windows are shorter. This window system is suitable for residential use but is more commonly found in commercial applications. Stacking windows are often found in stadiums, used to divide conference rooms, or placed on the exterior of a restaurant or hotel. A stacking window system slides along a track and stacks into the wall at the end or makes a turn and then stacks into a remote location.

After the panels have been stacked unobstructed views are achieved without mullions or bars interrupting the sight line. There are no standard sizes; all stacking windows are custom engineered to fit your opening. The number of panels required and size of each panel will be determined by the dimensions provided to Solar Innovations, Inc.

End users have the ability to guide all stacking glass window panels in one direction (left or right) or send half the panels left and the other half right. Any panel can be fitted with hardware to create an operable door.

Stacking windows are constructed of aluminum framework, which will not rot, warp, rust, or require constant finish maintenance. Six standard frame finishes available, and custom options are available for an additional cost. Wood veneer can be added to the windows to mimic the look of a true wooden window. Any glass or polycarbonate option can be used to glaze the windows.

Coors Field Stacking Glass Windows and Doors

Stacking walls can be fitted with gridwork to add a decorative touch and achieve a specific style. There are several profiles available, including Ogee and traditional, to ensure your grid designs meet your aesthetic desires. Grid profiles can be formed into several shapes, including gothic, double gothic, and radius. A matching frame finish can be utilized on the grids or a separate finish can be applied to add visual contrast and interest to the space.

After the design is finalized, Solar Innovations, Inc. or a certified installer can complete the installation of your window system. If you have an existing window system that is in some way damaged, Solar Innovations, Inc. offers window repair services. An installation team can come to your project and typically repair the unit. Based on the scope of your project,  there are also “do-it-yourself” installation kits, where customers purchase the units factory direct and complete the installation themselves.

Coors Stadium Stacking Glass DoorsCoors Stadium Stacking Glass Windows

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