Hopper Windows

Hopper Windows by Solar Innovations


Hopper windows became popular during the 19th century. At the time, this window served several purposes. Automobiles and paved roads were only a novelty, and horses on dirt roads were the means of transportation for the country. The unpaved roads created large amounts of dust. When home owners opened their windows, a furry of dust overtook the home.

The invention of the hopper window allowed for minimal amounts of dust to permeate the home. Hopper windows were first used on transoms, where the window was hinged at the bottom and tilted into the room. The dust from the horses was minimized at transom height, typically 7’0” above finished floor, than at regular height.

The hopper window was also used to cool food. Homes built during this time period had deep window sills where pies and hot items were set to cool. The window was opened to allow cool air into the room, cooling the food. Today, hopper windows are still used for transoms and, even more so, basement windows.

140 lbs. maximumInPush Handle
15″x15″ maximum

Basement windows are essential for light and ventilation. The hopper window fulfills both needs.

Hopper windows are an added security measure, because a person cannot climb a glass window and crawl in from the top. Wooden hopper windows were the first design created, whereas today, Solar Innovations® manufactures its hopper windows out of thermally enhanced aluminum.

The aluminum windows will not rot, warp, rust, have termite damage, or require constant maintenance to the finish. There are nine standard finishes available along with any custom color you may require. Various glass options are available, including LowE, which will assist in regulating temperatures and prevent fading to objects within a room, such as furniture, window treatments, and floor finishes.

If you have an existing hopper window that needs repair, a Solar Innovations® install team can come to your job and are typically able to repair the unit. However, if the project is beyond repair, a complete replacement is always possible.

Solar Innovations® can design, manufacture, and complete the installation of the windows. Another option is to buy factory direct and let your contractor, or yourself, complete the installation.

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