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Wood Curtain Walls
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 Home owners often buy windows, doors, and skylights from three different suppliers, which may result in coordination issues and the quality will vary between systems. Site lines will also vary between units, frame colors will be slightly off, and the glazing warranties will be different. Doors and windows are a major component when building a new home; they allow light to enter, provide ventilation, and require tight seals to prevent leaks.

To avoid this situation, Solar Innovations, Inc. suggests utilizing the same single source supplier for all doors, windows, skylights, and curtain walls. Solar Innovations, Inc. offers complete glazing packages, a line of doors, windows, skylights, sunrooms, and curtain walls, which are manufactured in-house at our facility in Pennsylvania. These products feature similar finishes, site lines, and warranties. The products’ framework is constructed from durable aluminum, which will not rot, warp, rust, or require constant finish maintenance. Complete glazing packages feature identical finish and sight lines, and warranties are supplied through a single glass company.

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The glazed products in your complete glazing package will aid in the collection of heat by allowing sunlight to enter, which warms the home, and reduces the need for heating. In summer, shades can be utilized to reduce excess solar heat gain. In addition to sunlight, complete glazing packages provide customers with spectacular views.

Solar Innovations, Inc.’s complete glazing packages are constructed of aluminum, with a thermal break, which increases energy efficiency. Unlike wooden frames, aluminum will not warp or rot. PVC frames also deteriorate and become brittle over time, while aluminum retains its strength and finish. There are five standard paint finishes, two anodized finishes, and custom colors (for an additional charge) offered. When sourcing through many manufacturers, it is impossible to guarantee frame finishes will perfectly match one another. White frames are especially difficult to match, as each manufacturer generally creates a unique shade of white. Similar situations often arise with most standard color offerings.

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Complete Glazing packageComplete Glazing package

Solar Innovations, Inc. offers complete glazing packages, which include awning, casement, hopper, transoms, fixed, and tilt turn windows. Door systems are offered in folding, sliding, stacking, pivoting, terrace, French, Dutch, and arched top. Skylights can be produced to fit any configuration, including double pitch, hip end, conservatory nose, flat, operable, and retractable. Curtain walls, which are useful when displaying products or capturing heat, are used in both residential and commercial applications. Solar Innovations, Inc. easily incorporates doors and windows into a curtain wall, maintaining the same sight lines. The finished result is a complete glazing package with matching frame finish, glass, and sight lines.

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Curtain walls are typically thought to be used primarily for commercial products, as they are commonly employed as storefronts and large facades. However, curtain walls also have residential applications. A home’s exterior can incorporate large spans of glass; entire walls can consist of a glass curtain wall. Curtain walls are also commonly used as divisions of space; to divide two rooms; to allow light to pass through both spaces; to provide an unobstructed view; and creating an open feeling desired by many home owners.

Solar Innovations, Inc. Door and Window ScheduleDoor and Window Schedules
Solar Innovations, Inc. combines insulated, double pane, tempered glazing with Stainless Steel spacers; LowE glazing improves energy efficiency; sandblasted and acid etched decorative glazing is available; grid work can be added to the glass as interior muntins or SDL’s. Curtain walls can be incorporated into many aspects of the home, in varying sizes and configurations. Windows are available in numerous configurations, including awning, casement, tilt turn, hopper, and fixed styles (hyperlinks). Single terrace doors, French doors, sliding doors, folding glass walls, pivot doors, and stacking walls are offered through Solar Innovations, Inc.

Skylights can be designed to any configuration, such as double pitch, dome, radius, hip end, lean-to, and flat. Each unit is custom manufactured; there are no standard sizes in storage, waiting to be ordered.

To discuss an upcoming complete glazing package project feel free to call to Solar Innovations, Inc. at 800-618-0669 or e-mail and ask to speak with a sales representative.

Systems Can Integrate:

• Awning Windows
• Casement (in-swing and out-swing)
• Hopper Windows
• Fixed Windows
• Egress Window
• Terrace & French Doors
• Sliding Doors
• Folding Doors / Walls
• Stacking Doors / Walls
• Pivot Doors
• Lift Slide Doors
• Tilt-Turn Windows or Doors
• Tilt-Turn Windows or Doors
• Curtain Walls

Solar Innovations Press Release: Solar Innovations, Inc. Introduces a New Vertical, Sloped, and Integrated Wood Framed Glazing System
Complete Home Glazing Package
Complete Glazing PackagesComplete Glazing Package


Full House Complete Glazing Package

Mulled Window System

Many applications, both residential and commercial, utilize doors, windows, and curtain walls in a single unit. There are many limitations, restrictions, and sizes that produce results that look uniform, but lack quality. Solar Innovations, Inc. offers a system that combats these issues and provides customers with a well designed, quality product. The Mulled Window and Door System is designed to maximize flexibility, by joining a series of operable windows and swing doors, to create a cohesive system. The systems maintain consistent sight lines without additional rafters or framing.

Curtain Walls

Curtain wall systems by Solar Innovations® can be utilized in commercial and residential applications. Commercial applications are typically configured for store fronts. To view more information on a storefront curtain wall, please click on this link. Residential applications include exterior walls that showcase a beautiful view, interior partitions between rooms and outside buildings, such as pool houses or garden sheds. Whatever the application may be, a curtain wall is an excellent way to bring natural light into a room and enjoy nature without being exposed to the elements.


Open your world with opening operable glass doors and walls from Solar Innovations, Inc. These custom designed door and wall products allow consumers to open any space to enjoy unobstructed views. Used for both commercial and residential applications, Solar Innovations, Inc.’s folding glass walls have been incorporated into pool houses, covered patios, enclosed porches, restaurants, retirement homes, stadiums, athletic arenas, hotels, and golf resorts, just to name a few.


All windows are completely customized to your specific job. The number of panels, direction of the panels and dimensions of the unit and panels are all cut to your measurements. Each unit is constructed out of durable aluminum framework. The aluminum will not rot, rust, warp, or require constant finish maintenance. Wood veneer can be added to the frame to mimic the look of a true wooden window. Copper, lead coated copper, and Stainless Steel cladding are two other decorative finish options.


Open up any room by incorporating natural overhead lighting with glass, polycarbonate, or acrylic glazed skylights by Solar Innovations®. We manufacture virtually any type of skylight imaginable in limitless shapes and configurations: roof lanterns, residential skylights, commercial skylights, institutional skylights, and more. Hurricane approved skylights are also available in six standard shapes. Custom shapes are available and can be engineered to meet specific design requirements.

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