Casement Windows


Casement windows, which crank open like a book, are one of the most popular window styles in the world today. This system has been in existence since the beginning of the 18th century. First constructed out of iron and true leaded divisions to hold the glass, the casement window was only for the very wealthy. The industrial revolution changed this with the introduction of mass production of glass and wooden frames. Today wooden casement windows are still very popular, but will rot, warp, possibly succumb to termites, and require stain or paint maintenance.

To avoid these flaws and the need for replacement casement windows, aluminum casement windows are the best choice on the market today. An aluminum window will not rust, rot, warp, or need constant finish maintenance. The aluminum frame will last for years and years, even as it endures direct sunlight, rain, wind, and snowstorms. Each Solar Innovations® casement window is constructed from a thermally enhanced frame, which helps with insulation and protection from the elements. There are eight standard frame finishes available along with any custom color your job may require. Casement windows are suitable for both commercial and residential applications.

The glazing used in casement windows is insulated tempered glass. There are unlimited choices for the specific glass variation used on your project. A practical choice for glass is a LowE tint. This type of glass helps minimize the amount of UV-rays from penetrating a room. The reduction in UV-rays slows down fading of objects within the room, such as furniture and window treatments. Gridwork is often applied to the windows to achieve a more classic or traditional look. Various patterns are offered, including gothic, double gothic, and radius. The grids can be the same finish as the casement frame or can be a second color to add visual interest.

The casement window hardware utilized on Solar Innovations® windows is of the highest grade. It is sturdy and will not break or collapse. Each window is stable and operates very smoothly. There are several window crank models available, each in numerous finish options. Cleaning the outside of casement windows on second floors has always been an obstacle. Solar Innovations® offers an easy-clean technology which operates by a hinge. When the hinge is engaged, the window slides to the left slightly, allowing your hand to move between the frame and the jamb and clean the window’s exterior. Solar Innovations, Inc. can also provide a hinge the casement hardware needs to replicate historic styles where the window was pushed open and not crank operated. Motorization options are available on several models.

If your project already has a broken casement window, Solar Innovations® offers repair services. An installation team member can come to your project and typically repair the window. Should the window be beyond repair, Solar Innovations® can manufacture a new window, remove the old one, and complete the installation of the new window. Based on the scope of your project,  there are also “do-it-yourself”  installation kits available for those who wish to buy factory direct and complete the installation themselves. Solar Innovations® can help create the perfect casement window to fit your application.

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