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A greenhouse is a glass or polycarbonate structure with the primary use of propagating plants. Greenhouses provide stable environments for year long growing abilities in regions that experience cold falls and winters. Specialty growing environments are also often created for plants such as orange trees, bonsai trees, orchids, and other exotic plants. Greenhouses can range from simple planting sheds (with no accessories) to elaborate self-maintaining structures.

The History of Greenhouses

Greenhouses were originally available only to the wealthy and affluent of society, with the first being built during the Roman Empire. The first reported greenhouse belonged to Emperor Tiberius who used a greenhouse constructed from transparent stone to propagate his favorite snack, the cucumber.

During the 17th century, greenhouses became more common place, as fresh produce was highly sought after and extremely valuable. Early greenhouses were erected to propagate tropical fruit trees and were referred to as orangeries, pineries, or specularia. These building were erected from steel, wood, or brick and mortar and usually only contained glass in the windows, if at all.

As glass became more easily accessible, an increasing number of glass structures were constructed and dedicated to the propagation of plants. As glass construction was refined, larger and more elaborate greenhouse (some of which still stand today) were built to accommodate tropical species.

The modern greenhouse has greatly benefited from today’s innovations. For decades, greenhouses were constructed from wooden or steel framing with monolithic glass. Unfortunately, wood can rot and requires frequent finish maintenance in most climates, while steel can rust and weaken when exposed to the elements. Neither structure performs well in extreme weather or conditions. Monolithic glass essentially creates a hotbox, which may seem good for tropical plants, but if special care isn’t taken, plants can suffer burns at the hands of improper glazing.

Modern greenhouse manufacturers like Solar Innovations, Inc. use aluminum framing and double or triple pane glass in their structures to better control the environment. These glazings, can feature protective coatings, which work hand-in-hand with the thermally broken aluminum framing to provide energy efficient structures.

Benefits of Greenhouses

Year Round Growing: Many climates are not conducive to yearlong outdoor growing, due to winter snowfall or scorching summer heat. By utilizing a greenhouse and environmental control systems, gardeners provide plants with a stable growing environment, regardless of the season or outside elements.

Safe Growing Environment: Medical studies have shown that exposure to sunlight is healthy, especially in elderly adults. Greenhouse glass is often coated with LowE111 tints that allow end users to enjoy the benefits of being exposed to natural sunlight, with being blocking the harmful UV rays. Greenhouses can be manufactured to adhere to ADA compliance , for use in medical or retirement homes.

Stable Research Environments: Universities, Colleges, and other educational institutions often utilize greenhouses to create a stable environment for research and experiments. They use environmental control systems to ensure that conditions remain unvarying during experiments to establish consistency and control.

Unique Sales Environment: Florists and grocery stores can utilize greenhouses to display their fresh flowers, plants, and produce. The unique environments are beneficial to the flowers, fruit, and vegetables, but they also create a unique shopping experience for customers.

Dual Purpose Greenhouses: A greenhouse can serve more than one purpose. For example, when designing a greenhouse, space can be left for a seating area, a dining area, or a water feature. Plants can be propagated in the greenhouse, while end users utilize the non-growing space for recreational purposes and entertaining.

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