What Are Folding Glass Walls?

What Are Folding Glass Walls
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Folding Glass Walls
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Folding Glass Walls are operable doors or partitions that are implemented in architecture to maximize the use of large openings by providing unobstructed access when in the open position . A folding glass wall system consists of multiple panels that slide to the left or right, along a track and stack to one side in an accordion fashion. A door handle is generally located on the first panel and allows users to push the doors together. Swing doors can also be integrated into folding glass walls to allow access to the space without requiring the entire unit to be opened. Swing doors are typically located at the jamb or midpoint of the system, but can be located at any point the end user desires.

Folding glass walls are also known as bi-fold doors, bifold doors, accordion doors, or folding doors. Similar systems have been used since the Roman Empire, where they were constructed using multiple, solid wooden panels.  While folding glass walls are now generally manufactured using aluminum or vinyl framing and glass infill, wood veneer can still be applied to these materials to achieve a classic aesthetic.

Stores and restaurants often integrate folding glass walls into their storefronts to allow direct access from the street or to provide an open air dining experience. A recent trend in sport stadiums and arenas is the inclusion of folding glass walls into luxury suits. The systems provide sport fans the ability to open the entire unit for uninterrupted views or close the unit to enjoy the game in comfort during in climate weather.

Modern folding glass walls are subject to zoning regulations in many areas of the United States. Potential end users should check their local and county building codes to assure they select the correct folding glass wall system for their area. Impact tested, hurricane tested, and energy saving folding glass wall units have come to market in recent years.  Oversized units have also become common, with architects and engineers working to install taller and winder panels than ever. Solar Innovations, Inc. provides the large folding glass wall on the market and also the most extensive selection of impact certified folding glass walls.

Benefits of Folding Glass Walls

Larger Openings: Folding Glass Walls can span large openings than traditional doors, allowing end users to maintain these openings, while enclosing them with a folding glass wall system.

Bring the Outdoors In: The indoors and outdoors can be seamlessly transitioned by installing a folding glass wall. These doors allow large openings to be maintained and when in the open position, provide direct access to the outdoors.

Natural Ventilation: Folding Glass Walls can be opened to increase natural air flow through a space. Because of their operable nature, air flow can be increased or decreased depending on how the large of an opening the doors span or how many panels are in the open position.

Protection from the Elements: Because folding glass walls utilize double pain glass and LowE coatings, they provide end users with comfortable living environments. When closed, the doors maintain interior temperatures and provide shelter from inclement weather. Even hurricanes are no match for high quality folding glass walls, such as Solar Innovations, Inc.’s folding glass walls that have received Miami Dade and other hurricane certifications.

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