Vinyl Tilt Slide Doors

Tilting Sliding Vinyl Doors
A uPVC vinyl tilt slide door system has a dual functioning operation similar to a tilt and turn window; an individual panel tilts into the room with a hopper function.  The hopper action allows fresh air into a room, without requiring the sliding the door panel to be in an open position, saving space.A measure of security is also present while the door is tilted to the hopper position. Small children and pets are protected from falling out of the door, as it is only slightly open at the top.When the door needs to be used for entering or exiting, it functions like a typical sliding door with one panel sliding behind a fixed panel. Customers are not required to have the door fully open or fully closed, the operable panel can be stopped at any location on the track. Vinyl tilt slide doors can not be opened from the exterior, providing an additional level of security to the building or home.

Vinyl tilt slide door units’ framing, is available in three core finish colors: white, beige, or clay.

Other color options are also available, including: almond, black, red velvet, browns, silver, and several faux wood finishes.

One of the benefits of uPVC vinyl framing is the minimal required maintenance, as there is no repainting required and rotting is not as issue. Vinyl framing does not conduct heat or cold, and by removing the transfer of temperatures, the framing remains stable and more energy efficient. The tilt slide hardware used on the doors includes a compression seal and quiet hardware components, which provide an easy glide when moving the panels.

All glazing used in the uPVC vinyl tilt slide doors is insulated including two pieces of tempered glass with an air space.  Low-E tints are typically recommended to provide additional thermal values.  Tempered glass is always used in a door as it is very strong and will withstand standard household wear and tear. Should the glass break, it will crack into small round pieces, preventing sharp edges.


Typical doors on the market have a water rating of around 6-8 psf.  The Solar Innovations, Inc. uPVC vinyl tilt slide door has achieved a 15 psf, showing a high level of water barrier.  Additional testing has been performed on the doors and the results are noted below:

AAMA: up to class cw-pg55-SD 95″ x 83″

Water penetration resistance test pressure: 15 psf

CAS A440: up to A3 B5 C4

U factor down to .22 estimated

ASTM E90 Acoustical STC: up to 40 db

Configurations:  OXXO   XO  OX  XOW   WOX  OXW  WXO

8’ H x 5’ W, 260 lbs. sash

4 panels, 15’ W max


  • 4 panels, 15’ W max
  • 8’ H x 5’ W, 260 lbs. sas
  • Secure ventilation with space saving functionality
  • Operable sash of the door to easily tilt and smoothly slide parallel in front of the fixed side unit.
  • The top of the sash tilts towards the inside of the room but cannot be opened from the outside, providing security and ventilation.
  • Compression seal technology
  • Quiet hardware operation
  • Configurations: OXXO, XO, OX, XO
  • Colors: White, beige, clay
  • Frame profiles with different depths provide flexibility for new constructions and replacement applications
  • Runner mechanism provides smooth projection of the sash, which easily and precisely slides to any desired position


  • DP 55
  • AAMA: up to class cw-pg55-SD  95″ x 83″
  • Water penetration resistance test pressure: 15 psf
  • CAS A440: up to A3 B5  C4
  • U factor down to .22 estiamted
  • ASTM E90 Acoustical STC: up to 40 db
  • High water performance, minimal air infiltration, security and good sound insulation
Vinyl Tilt Slide Door

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