Vinyl Terrace Doors and French Doors

Vinyl Terrace Doors

Solar Innovations, Inc. now offers a line of uPVC vinyl terrace doors and french doors.  These doors are perfect for both commercial and residential applications.  When used in a residential application, a terrace or french door is often found on the front of the home or used to access an outdoor patio space. Commercial doors are typically used as a business’s main entrance or as a  back door used to receive deliveries. Banquet halls often use numerous sets of french doors to connect a balcony or other outdoor entertaining areas.

A terrace door is comprised of a single door leaf, while french doors are composed of two door leaves and are often called “double doors.”  Both configurations have a durable uPVC framing that can withstand extreme weather conditions. Transoms and side lights can be added to the uPVC vinyl doors with ease.  The uPVC vinyl frame will not rot, warp, or rust like many other systems. Vinyl does not conduct heat or cold through the framing and into the interior room, which helps to create an energy efficient door.

Standard core finishes include white, beige, and clay, but color upgrades include a range of browns, red velvet, silver, black, and various wood grain finishes.

There are countless glazing options for uPVC vinyl terrace doors or uPVC vinyl french door systems.  All doors come standard with insulated glazing units with a stainless steel air spacer, which is warranted for 20 years against seal failure. Various tints can be incorporated into the glass including options for gray or bronze glass, along with LowE tints.  All aluminum grids manufactured by Solar Innovations, Inc. can be added to the glass in numerous patterns to create specific design styles.

Maximum Sizes: 8’ x 3’  wide for a terrace door or 3’ 6” wide for french door panels.

Decorative Grids

Terrace and French Doors VinylVinyl Terrace and French Doors

Testing: Performance Summary

Outward Opening – Single Door

  • AAMA: up to Class SHD-LC80 36 x 83 in (914 x 2108 mm)
  • Water Penetration Resistance Test Pressure: 15 psf (720 Pa)

Outward Opening – French Door

  • AAMA: up to a structural design pressure of 35 psf 72 x 96 in (1828 x 2438 mm)
  • Water Penetration Test Pressure: 6.9 psf (340 Pa)
  • CAN-CGSB-82.1-M89: A3 B3 C3
  • ASTM E1886 & 1996 / TAS 201, 202 & 203: DP-65 HVHZ
  • U-factor down to 0.25
  • ASTM E90 Acoustical (STC): up to 38 dB

Inward Opening – Single Door

  • AAMA: up to Class SHD-LC40 36 x 83 in (914 x 2108 mm)
  • Water Penetration Resistance Test Pressure: 6.06 psf (290 Pa)
  • CAN-CGSB-82.1-M89: A3 B2 C3

 Inward Opening – French Door

  • AAMA: Class LC-PG 40 SHS
  • Up to a structural design pressure of 55 psf 72 x 96 in (1828 x 2438 mm)
  • Water Penetration Test Pressure: 6.06 psf (290 Pa)
  • CAN-CGSB-82.1-M89: A3 B2 C5/C3
  • U-factor down to 0.25
  • ASTM E90 Acoustical (STC): up to 40 dB

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