Vinyl Bi-Fold Door & Folding Glass Walls

Vinyl Folding Glass Walls

  • Fold Left or Right, or Center Split
  • Compression seals & Multi-point locking hardware keep dust and dirt out
  • Assure water & air performance
  • Operable door panels
  • Smooth riding rollers on top and bottom running tracks
  • Energy Star™
  • DP 25 psf for a light commercial 4 panels
  • AAMA: Up to Class LC-PG25-SD at 144” x 96” 
  • 4 panel configurations tested: 144″ x 96″ – 4 panel door
  • Swing door options
Vinyl Bi-fold Doors

Solar Innovations, Inc. now offers a line of uPVC (vinyl) bi-folding doors.  This type of door is the perfect solution to highlight a panoramic view  or achieve an indoor/outdoor feeling.  A bi-fold door, also known as a folding wall, consists of panels which are hinged together and move similar to an accordion. When the unit is fully open, the panels will stack against a wall.

Solar Innovations, Inc. also offers screen options for bi-folding doors that allow customers to enjoy their view without the hassle of pesky insects.

Swing doors can be integrated into the folding walls, allowing the user to easily enter and exit a room without opening the entire unit. The panels of the door can all open to one side, or split left and right. French doors can also be integrated into the folding unit, depending upon configuration.  Compression seals and multi-point hardware help to limit dust and dirt in sills, while increasing air and water performance. All of the door panels, whether hinged or standard, can feature decorative options, such as base panels and aluminum window grids.

The framework of the bi-folding doors is made from uPVC vinyl, which is an energy efficient system, because it does not conduct heat or cold.

The standard core finishes include white, beige, and clay.

Color upgrades include a range of browns, red velvet, silver, black, and various wood grain finishes.

The maximum height for a unit is 7’ 2” high and 20’ 0” in length, with up to seven panels.  Each individual panel can be up to 3’ 0” wide.

Vinyl Folding Glass Wall

Virtually any industry available glass can be used in the doors.  LowE tinted glazing is a common selection which provides additional energy efficiency. Decorative glazing and privacy glass are also available as design options. Energy Star performance criteria can be met with specific glass options. To discuss an upcoming uPVC vinyl folding wall project with a sales representative please call 800-618-0669 or e-mail


DP 25 psf for a light commercial 4 panels

AAMA: Up to Class LC-PG25-SD at 144” x 96”

4 panel configurations tested: 144″ x 96″ 4 panel door

Decorative Grids

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