Storefronts | Aluminum & Glass Enterances
Storefronts | Aluminum & Glass EnterancesStorefronts | Aluminum & Glass EnterancesStorefronts | Aluminum & Glass Enterances

Storefronts:  Give Conventional Construction a View

Storefront systems by Solar Innovations, Inc. are a durable, long lasting product to add to your business. The curtain wall can be utilized on virtually any type of business. A system can be added to the exterior of your building or utilized for interior divisions between departments or as office walls. A glass hallway is a unique option that can be constructed to achieve an open office appearance.

All storefronts by Solar Innovations, Inc. are constructed out of durable aluminum. The benefit to an aluminum storefront is the reduction in required maintenance. Aluminum curtain walls will not rot, rust, warp, expand with heat, or require constant finishing. Solar Innovations, Inc. offers eight standard frame finish colors and any custom color your job may necessitate. Each frame is customized to your exact dimensions, which means our units will be built to fit your opening. Any size storefront is available, from a two panel opening to a multi-story system.

Wood Curtain Walls
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Another added feature to a Solar Innovations, Inc. curtain wall is the flexibility to include additional rooms. A university or public building may require a second interior wall where metal detectors are in operation. Office fronts can be manufactured out of a curtain wall. A receptionist who is behind glass or a coat check are also possibilities when designing with Solar Innovations, Inc.

Glazed storefronts are the most common curtain wall Solar Innovations, Inc. manufactures. There are numerous available glass options for a curtain wall. LowE tints are a very practical choice, because UV ray penetration is limited. The reduction in UV rays cuts down on fading to furniture, flooring, window treatments, and counter tops. This type of glass is also energy efficient and greatly assists in maintaining a constant, comfortable temperature within the space, minimizing energy use. Polycarbonate can also be utilized within the panels to provide a clean line, modern appearance. There are several colors available in varying thicknesses.

Decorative glazing options are also available. An interior partition may need to block what is in the adjoining room. A money room could be an example of this, where privacy is top priority. A specialty glass can be the solution. This glass appears white, and no one can see into the room. Another option is spandrel glass. This type of glass is painted, which blocks all vision. The bottom three feet of the glass can be spandrel and the top be a clear glass. Anything counter top and below is blocked, while the upper portion is still visible. A retail shop may need a more visually aesthetic glass. The perfect answer to this need is acid etched glass. This type of glass has patterns etched into its surface, such as grass or raindrops. Acid etch glass is often used in interior doors and cabinet fronts.

Decorative items can also be added to the curtain wall. Transom gridwork can be used for architectural interest and allows the glass panels to match the rest of the building or meet historic township requirements. There are exterior transom grids and interior muntins available. The exterior transom grids can physically be touched and are a very traditional style. Interior muntins are located between the two panes of glass. This application is very useful for hard to reach places or locations that come into contact with a lot of dirt, such as a floral retail store. Various patterns are available, including a traditional 6 over 3 (or any custom number you would like) radius, and Gothic grids.

After a design is finalized, Solar Innovations, Inc. or one of their national dealers can complete the installation of the product. Based on the scope of your project,  there are also “do-it-yourself”  installation kits available for those who wish to buy factory direct and complete the installation themselves.

Please Note: Solar Innovations, Inc.’s curtain wall system with a standard configuration is limited to 12psf water. Additional configurations, up to 20psf, may be available depending on your structure design and engineering.

Storefronts | Aluminum & Glass Enterances

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