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Curtain walls are used in almost every application, whether it is a hospital, library, school, storefront, or home. While this glass type is typically thought of as a commercial use, it is well suited to a residential home as well. Curtain walls are a large span of glass, usually on the exterior of a home, but they are not structural. In many residences, a large curtain wall is used in a living room, dining room, or kitchen. The public areas of a home are ideal for a curtain wall, but when privacy is not an issue, they blend well in bathrooms and bedrooms.

Solar Innovations, Inc. manufactures all of its curtain walls in its Pennsylvania facility. Each unit is custom designed to the owner’s specifications. There are no two alike curtain walls produced by Solar. The framing is constructed out of durable aluminum, which will not rust, warp, rot, or require constant finish maintenance. The glazing used in the curtain wall is always tempered. This glass type has added strength, which will withstand impacts and movement. LowE tints are always available for the units. It is common to see reflective glass, acid etch, and spandrel glass used in curtain walls.

Residential Curtain Walls

Residential Curtain WallsCurtain Walls

Aluminum and Glass Curtain Walls

The majority of the time, a curtain wall will evoke a modern style. Curtain walls are constructed out of glass and aluminum, which are two elements of contemporary design. Large spans of glass with aluminum bars create a striking appearance. Traditional designs can also be achieved. By incorporating grid patterns into the curtain wall, a softer appearance is materialized. Base panels can also be used on the ground floor, and breaking up the drapery with interior shading will assist in creating a classic style. Solar Innovations, Inc. also offers Wood Curtain Walls and Timber Walls for use in residential and commercial applications.

Doors and windows are commonly incorporated into a curtain wall for ventilation and functionality. Regardless of style, the curtain wall can serve an aesthetic purpose but also a practical use. Passive heating is become a popular movement in the United States as heating costs rise. A south facing curtain wall will capture the sun’s energy and help heat a space naturally. Another use of a curtain wall is to use the incoming light for plants. Residential customers attach shelving to the unit for house plants or create groupings in front of the wall. Whatever the use, Solar Innovations, Inc. can assist in designing and producing the curtain wall for your home.

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Customers are welcome to come and tour our Pennsylvania facility. You are encouraged to bring along any architects, builders, and designers. At the facility, you can meet your project team including sales representative, estimator, and project manager. Daily factory tours take place where you can see projects in production. Solar Innovations® or one of their national dealers can assist you in installation or repair of an existing unit.

To discuss an upcoming project, feel free to call to Solar Innovations, Inc. and ask to speak with a sales representative.

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Curtain WallsResidential Curtain WallsCurtain Wall Residential

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