Polycarbonate Wall Systems

SI4300 Polycarbonate Systems

60mm polycarbonate systems by Solar Innovations, Inc. are impact rated and an excellent choice for residential and commercial jobs. This polycarbonate is visually the same as 25mm polycarbonate, except it consists of 10 walls. The 60mm polycarbonate is also thermally broken and is comparable to a 2 3/8” unit of insulated glass. The additional walls within the exterior surfaces allow for better insulation. Skylights, doors, windows, and walls can incorporate the 60mm polycarbonate. Clean-line, modern appearances are achieved with the use of this polycarbonate system. The appearance is vastly different when compared to glass, evoking a more contemporary feel. It is often chosen for its aesthetic appeal and design flexibilities. Polycarbonate is available in clear, opal, or heat reflective.

The multiple walls give the polycarbonate a light transmittance, which refers to the amount of light which passes through the polycarbonate and enters the room, between 10% and 25% depending on the selected color. The 60mm system allows natural daylight to enter a room. A skylight, door, or window, which utilizes polycarbonate, allows a comparable amount of light to enter a room.

Lumira™ aerogel

Lumira™ is an insulating gel used to fill polycarbonate; the main purpose  of Lumira™ is to increase thermal ratings and reduce sound transmission. When the gel is added to polycarbonate,  the thermal transfer is greatly reduced and energy costs are minimized.  Lumira™ consists of small clear hydrophobic beads, creating an R-Value of 8 for a 25mm, 3 wall unit, compared to an R-Value of 3 for an unfilled unit.


Poly Wall

Poly Wall Testing Table

Tested SpecimenDesign PressureLoadingApplication
Vertical Translucent
Panel System
99.25″ x 99.25″
60psfNAVertical walls
and structures
Skylight System
99.25″ x 99.25″

To receive a complete listing of test results or to discuss your project, please contact your Solar Innovations, Inc. representative.

Possible Configurations

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