Residential Terrace and French Doors

Residential Terrace Door

SI2200 – System Integrated Terrace Doors and French Doors

SI2250 – Modular Terrace Doors and French Doors

Terrace and French doors by Solar Innovations, Inc. are the perfect complement to any home construction or project. Our exterior doors create a thermally enhanced, functional entrance to your patio or deck. Solar Innovations, Inc. can provide screen systems for our residential doors in numerous forms, including storm doors, traditional screen doors, and retractable panels. Our units are well suited for front doors, patio doors, entry doors, and interior doors. Terrace doors by Solar Innovations, Inc. can also be retrofitted into existing structures or added to new projects, such as greenhouses, pool enclosures, or sunrooms.

Wood veneer options are available to ensure a warm, inviting entryway for your home. Veneer options include pine, mahogany, cedar, cherry, and fir. The doors will ship to you unfinished so you can choose a suitable stain and desired saturation. Six standard paint finishes, as well as two corrosion resistant anodized choices can be selected to ensure the new egress door blends seamlessly with the current architecture. Custom color are also available.

Radius top terrace door

The glass used within the frame can be customized to the job. Any industry available glass or polycarbonate can typically be utilized in the door. Polycarbonate has a modern look and is available in different colors and thicknesses. Shipping costs are reduced by using polycarbonate, because it weighs less than glass.

A concern for nearly any homeowner is the fading and deterioration of furniture and window treatments, but with LowE glazing from Solar Innovations, Inc., the harmful effects of UV rays can be minimized. The glass blocks UV rays from entering a room which helps preserve items within the space as well as maintain a steady temperature.

Hardware Selections

Specialty glazing, including impact resistant glass, used for our hurricane rated doors, can be utilized in our door systems. Decorative glazing is always an excellent choice for homeowners. Acid etched glass has patterns within the glass, such as rain drops and blades of glass. Sandblasted glass appears frosted and is commonly used in doors that hide the clutter of a home, such as in bathrooms and laundry rooms.

No matter what era of American architecture your home represents, Solar Innovations, Inc. can manufacture and install a door to meet your exact specifications. Hand blown glass can be used for authentic historic locations without detection. You can see the ripples and seeding that was present in all old glass when you look at it. Modern, art glass can be incorporated into the doors to ensure they provide a clean line and contemporary appearance. Art glass is available in endless colors and designs, and it definitely grabs the attention of any guest.

Grids, simulated divided lites (SDL)beveled and applied radius or gothic corners can also be added to the door to create a unique appeal. The grids can be the same color as the framework or a second color to provide visual contrast. Corresponding transoms and side lights are manufactured from the same terrace door framework, ensuring seamless integration. Raised panels can be coupled with grids to achieve a cohesive traditional appearance. Within the base panel or directly in the door, a doggie door can be applied to ensure your dog will have easy access to both spaces.

Custom, aluminum patio doors can be manufactured to replace existing systems and a Solar Innovations, Inc. representative will walk homeowners through the stress-free replacement process. Solar’s jamb design simplifies installation and enhances the finished appearance. Based on the scope of your project,  there are  various installation options available for those who want to buy factory direct from Solar Innovations, Inc. Doors are also available without the jamb adapter for retrofitting or out of system installations. Several handle and hinge options are available, including corrosion resistant hardware for coastal applications.

Solid Aluminum Terrace Door

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