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Solar Innovations, Inc. manufactures sunrooms with warm wood interiors, protected by durable exterior aluminum framing. The wood interior is protected from the elements by aluminum framing. Aluminum framing will not rust, rot, or warp when exposed to exterior stresses, such as snow and rain. These sunrooms are directly attached to homes, often being used as sitting or entertaining areas. The wood interior provides a warm and stylish aesthetic.

Although a wood interior can be used on any sunroom configuration, the lean-to configuration is most common. Double pitch and conservatory nose configurations are also common and often selected to portray a traditional style. Because Solar Innovations, Inc. is a custom manufacturer, all products are built to meet the user’s specifications in regards to size, configuration, accessories, finish color, and wood species.

Sunrooms present endless uses; a sunroom can be used to extend a kitchen or provide an additional dining area. Wicker furniture, throw pillows, and plants can be used in sunrooms to provide a traditional feel. Businesses can utilize a sunroom as an office, seating area for guests, or as  storage areas. Solar Innovations, Inc.’s sunrooms feature  thermally insulated, functional accessories, such as windows, doors, and ridge and eave vents.

Wood SunroomWood Interior Sunrooms
Aluminum Exterior / Wood Interior Sunroom Wood Sunroom Interior

Regardless of the sunroom’s purpose, a wood interior will create a “warm” atmosphere, and the aluminum exterior framing will ensure the structure withstands the test of time.

Because Solar Innovations, Inc. is a single source provider, operable windows and doors can easily be integrated into your wood sunroom. Casement and awning windows are commonly found in sunrooms. If an entrance or exit is required to the exterior, terrace or French doors can be included in the wood sunroom’s design as well. Window grids can be manufactured out of wood to seamlessly match the sunroom’s wood interior.

If you would like to discuss a potential wood sunroom project with one of Solar Innovations, Inc.’s knowledgeable sales designers,  please contact us at skylight@solarinnovations.com or 800-618-0669.

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Wood Sunrooms

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