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Residential Sunrooms
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If you are looking for a small sunroom addition attached to your home or a large free standing sunroom, Solar Innovations, Inc.  can design, manufacture, and fabricate a beautiful space for your residence. All sunrooms by Solar Innovations, Inc. are completely custom and will be manufactured to your specific job. Dimensions, shape, materials, and configurations will be built to fit your lifestyle.

All sunrooms are constructed from durable aluminum frames. An aluminum sunroom will not rust, warp, rot, or require constant finishing maintenance. The framework will withstand snowstorms in Montana and extreme temperatures in New Mexico. Snow loads, wind loads, and hurricane requirements can typically be met by our in-house engineers. Our sunrooms have received Florida hurricane ratings which speak to their durability.

Aluminum has a tendency to seem commercial in appearance; home owners sometimes worry that the sunroom will not look warm and inviting. The solution to this is a wood interior. Aluminum will still be used on the exterior to prevent rotting and warping from exposure to the elements, but the interior can be made from a variety of wood species including pine, mahogany, cedar, and birch. After the wood is finished and stained, you will have an inviting sunroom where you can grow plants, entertain friends, and enjoy the morning’s newspaper.

The glass used in the sunroom can be any industry available glass. Laminated glass is typically used in the roof. Upon impact, such as a falling tree, the glass will crack but should not break, leak, or fall on a bystander. LowE glazings can be used in the roof and walls. This is a very sensible glass for home owners. The glass minimizes the amount of UV-rays entering a room; creating a more level and stable temperature. Another wonderful benefit of LowE glass is its ability to help prevent fading to furniture and window and wall treatments. Leather top end tables have a tendency to become dry and crack over time due to direct sunlight drying out the material. Here again, LowE glass can help prevent or slow down the damage rate.

Temperature is always a main concern in sunrooms, and the LowE glass can help minimize the fluctuations in temperature. Heating and cooling units can be installed into the glass structures so you can enjoy the space during all four seasons. The addition of heating and cooling can also allow the hobby gardener to grow plants and vegetables in the sunroom year round.

The inviting structure can be customized even further to look more like a conservatory sunroom. This type of structure is not your typical, run-of-the-mill looking structure. Solar Innovations, Inc. offers eight standard colors to choose from and any custom color you may desire. Solar Innovations, Inc. also offers the largest selection of extruded aluminum decorative elements.

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The addition of decorative pieces can make the sunroom appear as though it came straight from England. Grids can be added to the windows in numerous patterns, including gothic, double gotchic, radius, and virtually any desired pattern. Base panels can be added to the bottom section of the sunroom for a stately appearance. Ridge cresting and finials are excellent selections for the roof’s ridge line. Moldings and trim work can be added to the interior and exterior to provide depth and hand crafted quality.

If you currently own an enclosed sunroom which has broken panels or failed seals, Solar Innovations, Inc. offers repair and restoration services. Our team can repair any existing damage to your structure, even if it was manufactured by another company. If your sunroom is beyond repair, you can have a new one designed and fabricated in our facility in Pennsylvania. The installation of the new structure can be completed by a Solar Innovations, Inc.’s team. Based on the scope of your project,  there are also “do-it-yourself”  installation kits available to those who would like to buy the structure factory direct and complete the installation themselves.

Hybrid Sunrooms

A hybrid sunroom is an option when designing a new sunroom addition to your home or business.  The typical sunroom has a basic design with panes of glass and operable venting.  If you are looking for a design with a little more architectural significance, the hybrid sunroom is an option.  A hybrid sunroom means the glass room will have decorative accessories, such as window grids, a finial, and ridge cresting.

The exact accessories are up to you, but the sunroom will have more detailing than a standard unit. Compared to a conservatory, there is less enhancement, but it is more than a plain sunroom. Grids in the hybrid sunroom can be created to match the ones in your home, and a Palladian arch could fill the void in the gable of the sunroom.  Here is a link for a complete offering of decorative accessories you can use for your hybrid sunroom.

Please Note: Solar Innovations, Inc. only recommends using wood for exterior purposes if there is an overhang to provide protection or if the product will be used for interior applications. Also, Solar Innovations, Inc. does not recommend the use of wood on the exterior of doors for durability purposes and hardware limitations.

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