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Solar Innovations, Inc. offers several heating options for warming your glass structures. Electric, hydronic, propane, and gas models are all available. If you are looking to install heating into a glass structure which is directly attached to your house, a separate heater may not be needed. In certain cases, your home’s existing heating system can be modified to include your glass space. No matter what heating system a structure requires, Solar Innovations, Inc. has the solution.


Any glass structure becomes hot in warm weather. The first step to reducing heat gain is to utilize LowE glass within the structure’s framework. The LowE glass reduces the amount of heat and sunlight which enters the room and thus helps to keep a comfortable temperature. Ventilation is the next step to cooling the structure. The addition of doors, windows, and roof vents will help neutralize the temperature. These techniques work well in spring and fall. The goal of ventilation is have the same temperature outside and inside the space.

Solar Innovation, Inc. SunroomIn the dead of summer, opening the windows may not do enough cooling. A secondary cooling unit tends to be helpful. The best available option is to extend your HVAC system to the glass structure. At times, people will open the door of a sunroom and let the house’s air conditioning cool the sunroom. This method is not recommended, because your home’s system was sized to accommodate the house, not the addition of a sunroom. If ran for too long, the home’s air conditioning unit can break because of the extra strain.

The ideal solution is to have the glass structure zoned separately. This allows the sunroom to have its own settings. It is very common to have the glass room be warmer than the home’s interior, which will help in cooling costs. Pool enclosures will also benefit from the addition of a De-humidifying unit. This unit will assist in cooling the unit and make the structure more enjoyable. Solar Innovations, Inc. offers this service as an option for all pool enclosures.

Heating and Cooling | Pool EnclosurePool Enclosures

The biggest concern new customers have when it comes to building a pool enclosure is the humidity. Customers are afraid of it turning into a sauna and the inside temperature becoming unbearable during warm weather. The way to avoid this is to incorporate a dehumidifying system into the pool enclosure. This will take care of the heating, cooling and extreme humidity. This allows the pool enclosure to be comfortable and extend the amount of time used on the interior. The moisture will be reduced along with the humidity and chances of mold growing.

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