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Sunrooms Providing Comfort & Views

An expert in glass and polycarbonate sunroom design, Solar Innovations, Inc. will work with you or your architect, contractor, or dealer to help you create the perfect four season glass sunroom to meet all your needs. We tailor glass types, sizing, roof pitch, color, and accessories, depending on your wishes, to create a unique focal point or to blend seamlessly into the surrounding architecture. Interior wood options for our sunrooms include solid Mahogany or Spanish Cedar, as well as laminates of Western Red Cedar, Southern Yellow Pine, Douglas Fir, and Northern White Pine (straight eave applications only). Redwood and Cherry can be integrated into your sunroom, depending on final engineering requirements.

Straight Eave SunroomsStraight Eave Sunrooms

Straight eave sunrooms by Solar Innovations, Inc. are the most versatile in design and are available in both wood interior/aluminum exterior and all aluminum systems. Our straight eave sunrooms come in two standard pitches of 14.75º and 30º; however, they can easily be designed to meet or exceed your expectations. CRequest a Sunroom Quoteustom sunrooms are available in any length, projection, roof pitch, and height.

Curved eave sunrooms

Curved Eave Sunrooms

Request a Sunroom QuoteCurved eave sunrooms by Solar Innovations, Inc. provide a unique, contemporary look to any style of architecture. The curves provide an unobstructed view at eye level, while the interior bars create a smooth transition from roof to wall. Solar Innovations, Inc. offers standard curved eave sunrooms and other structures with either a 14.75º or 30º roof pitch, at varying lengths with the combination of our standard 30 ½”, 38″, and 46 ½” bay centers. Solar Innovations, Inc. can provide curved eave sunrooms with roof pitches varying from a 2/12 pitch to an 8/12 pitch and can meet any specified length.

Double Pitch Sunrooms

Double Pitch Sunrooms (Straight or Curved)

Get a Quote Double Pitch SunroomsMany of our competitors do not offer a true double pitch sunroom; instead, they attach two lean-to sunrooms to a capped, wooden ridge beam with visually unappealing results. Solar Innovations, Inc.’s true double pitch sunrooms use internally welded I-beams at the apex or aluminum ridge beams for a more aesthetically pleasing sunroom.

Irregular or Custom SunroomsIrregular or Custom Sunrooms

Request a Quote SunroomsSolar Innovations, Inc. can construct virtually any shape or size sunroom. Our photo gallery showcases sunroom projects we have completed in the past. Available in hip end, conservatory nose, and dormers, these sunrooms are the perfect solution to any architectural need.


Double Skin Facade SunroomsDouble Skin Facade Sunrooms

Double skin façade sunrooms by Solar Innovations, Inc. are designed to collect solar heat, increase user comfort levels, and control utility costs. The term “double skin” is often used to refer to curtain wall systems, but sunrooms can easily be designed with a double skin application.


Wood Interior Sunrooms

Wood Interior Sunrooms

When employed correctly, a wooden interior can provide any sunroom with a warm, traditional feel. Wooden interior sunrooms typically feature a lean-to configuration. Solar’s wood interior sunrooms can be further enhanced by selecting a color that matches your home’s décor or choosing from one of our eight standard colors.


Modern Sunroom Design
Sunrooms by Solar InnovationsBodetti Sunrooms

Sunrooms are also known as sun parlors, sun porches, or sun lounges. A glazed sunroom  is generally attached to the side of a home or business to allow end users to enjoy the structure’s surroundings and remain sheltered from  the elements. Solar Innovations, Inc. can take sunrooms from the stage of conception through the installation of a finished project.

Please Note: Solar Innovations, Inc. only recommends using wood for exterior purposes if there is an overhang to provide protection or if the product will be used for interior applications. Also, Solar Innovations, Inc. does not recommend the use of wood on the exterior of doors for durability purposes and hardware limitations.

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