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Glass Stairway Cover
Stairway CoverGlass Stairway covers

Providing a Gateway to Nature

A stairway cover is a glass enclosure that surrounds the exit of a staircase; commonly used in both residential and commercial settings. The stairway cover is a small structure that is tall enough to use the last step, stand up straight, and proceed through a door. These covers provide an alternative to hatches, which open upward and can be difficult to maneuver, when snow accumulates. These glazed structures will provide protection from the elements and allow light to enter. Many urban buildings have rooftop terraces or gardens where a stairway cover can be utilized. Stairway covers also provide superior shelter on flat roofs when access must be provided to HVAC units.

Libary Glass EntrywayGlass Elevator Enclosure
The above enclosure was used to create both an entryway and elevator shaft for the library it is attached to.

A Solar Innovations, Inc. stairway cover is manufactured with glass and aluminum; tempered or laminated glass is used in these structures to provide maximum strength. In-house engineers ensure the structures are capable of withstanding appropriate wind, snow, and rain loads. Various glass options are available; the majority of the roof will consist of laminated glass, while the walls will feature tempered glass. Glass tints, such as LowE and additional color options are available for the stairway covers.

Glass Stairway Covers
Glass Stairway CoversGlass Stairway Covers

Seven standard finishes are offered along with custom finish colors (for an additional price). Copper, bronze, or Stainless Steel cladding are additional options for finishing. Solar Innovations, Inc. can match the stairway cover’s frame to any color sample supplied by the customer. Doors and windows can be implemented into the structure’s design to provide ventilation and accessibility. The two most common configurations amongst stairway covers are double pitch and lean-to.

Stairway Cover 90 DegreesStairway Cover Solar

Solar Innovations, Inc. manufactures each stairway cover in its facility in Pine Grove, Pennsylvania, and supplies a full set of shop drawings for each project. Customers are encouraged to visit the facility if possible. Solar Innovations, Inc. encourage all applicable parties to accompany the visit, including architects, designers, and contractors. While at the facility, everyone can sit down and discuss the project and tour the manufacturing plant. After the manufacturing is complete, Solar Innovations, Inc. or one of its nationwide dealers can complete the installation, or repair to an existing walkway.

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