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Philadelphia Union - Folding Glass Walls - Stadium Doors

Solar Innovations, Inc.’s operable doors and windows have recently been installed in many of the nation’s premiere stadiums. The most common applications, folding glass walls, stacking glass walls, and clear glass walls, have been implemented into stadium’s press boxes, club seats, luxury suites, bars, and restaurants.

These doors can be opened during favorable weather to provide an unobstructed view of sporting events. The doors can be closed at times of harsher weather, providing a barrier between spectators and the elements outside. Suites can be kept at a comfortable temperature all year round because Solar Innovations, Inc.’s folding and stacking glass walls are thermally broken, allowing fans to view games from a comfortable, temperature controlled environment.

Three operable glass door styles are typically used in stadium applications: folding glass walls, stacking glass walls, and clear glass walls.

Folding Glass Walls

Ed Smith Stadium - Folding Glass WallsEd Smith Stadium - Folding Glass Walls 1

Folding glass walls are often called “accordion doors,” because they consist of several door panels hinged together that operate in a similar manner to an accordion. Operable swing doors can be incorporated into folding glass walls to provide an entry way that does not require the entire wall to be opened.

Stacking Glass Walls

Coors Feild Stadium Doors - Folding Glass WallsCoors Feild - Stadium Doors

Stacking glass walls consist of individual panels that independently operate. These panels are slid on a track one-by-one and stack parallel with the wall to provide an unobstructed view. Stacking glass walls can also incorporate swing doors to create an independent entry way.

Clear Glass Walls

VCU Clear Glass Walls - Stadium DoorsVCU Clear Walls

A clear glass wall functions similarly to a stacking glass wall, but framing is only located at the top and bottom of the panels. Unobstructed views can be achieved because the horizontal sides of Solar Innovations, Inc.’s clear glass walls feature exposed glass without any metal framing. Clear glass walls are meant to be used as windbreaks or  as interior room dividers, because thermal certification has not yet been achieved.

 The Benefits of Operable Stadium Doors

Philadelphia Press Box Operable Walls and Doors
Chester PPL Stadium - Operable Walls
Sporting KC Stadium Doors - Folding Glass Walls

When including Solar Innovations, Inc. in a specification (and eventual project) you include the company’s 15 years of experience and the ability to provide an unmatched degree of customization. Solar Innovations, Inc. has worked on stadium projects throughout the country and produces stadium doors with a framing system designed for heavy commercial use.

All of Solar Innovations, Inc.’s products are manufactured at our LEED Gold Certified facility, located in Pine Grove, PA. Service work is much easier to coordinate when compared to a foreign manufacturer, because Solar is a single source manufacturer and a USA based company.

Stadium door projects produced by Solar Innovations, Inc. can be custom designed; there are no standard units on our warehouse shelves. This process provides end users with flexibility when choosing the size of their doors and openings. The framing of Solar Innovations, Inc.’s operable stadium doors is constructed from low maintenance aluminum, which does not rot, warp, or rust.

Specialty door configurations, such as no post corners or segmented radius units are available with any Solar Innovations, Inc. system. Testing can be completed in Solar Innovations, Inc.’s in-house test lab, which can test products for air, wind, water, and structural, and impact performance. ADA accessible sills are available and Solar Innovations, Inc. can provide custom solutions for egress and accessibility.

LEED credits may be available for locally sourced material or recycled content, depending on the project’s location. Solar’s glass and aluminum includes recycled content, and documentation can be provided for LEED verification. Stadium doors by Solar Innovations, Inc. produce standard VOC levels and the increase of natural lighting will reduce the need for artificial lighting and reduce heating and cooling costs, which are  favorable aspects when attempting to achieve LEED credits.

Stadiums including Solar’s Operable Doors, Windows, and Walls:

Click here to download a PDF version of Solar Innovations, Inc.’s Sports Venue Reference Sheet.

Coors Feild Stadium DoorsHusky Stadium Clear Glass Wall Stadium Doors
Coors Field 
Denver, CO
Home of the Colorado Rockies

Husky Stadium
Seattle, WA
Home of the University of Washington Huskies
Includes: 9 stacking glass wall systems each featuring in-swing double doors
Includes: 54 clear glass walls systems, 1 stacking glass wall system in Broadcast Booth, 3 clear glass wall systems in Presidential Suite
Sporting KC Stadium DoorsCincinatti Reds Stadium Doors
Sporting Park
Kansas City, KS
Home of Sporting Kansas City

Great American Ball Park
Cincinnati, OH
Home of the Cincinnati Reds
Includes: 13 stacking glass wall systems
Includes: 1 no post corner, stacking glass wall system
PLL Stadium Doors

Marlins Stadium Doors
PPL Park
Chester (Philadelphia), PA
Home of the Philadelphia Union

Marlins Park
Miami, FL
Home of the Miami Marlins
Includes: 56 folding and stacking glass wall systems with integrated commercial swing doors and a custom lock mechanism
Includes: 10 stacking glass wall systems with four panels each, featuring clear heat strengthened monolithic glazing
Coppin State Stadium Doors

TCU Folding Glass Walls
Coppin State Physical Education Complex
Baltimore, MD
Home of the Coppin State Eagles

Amon Carter Stadium
Fort Worth, TX
Home of the Texas Christian University Horned Frogs
Includes: 4 all wall, folding glass wall systems
Includes: 6 narrow stile stacking glass wall systems
Ed Smith Stadium Stadium Doors

VCU Clear Glass Walls
Ed Smith Stadium
Sarasota, FL
Spring Home of the Baltimore Orioles

Stuart C. Siegel Center
Richmond, VA
Home of the Virginia Commonwealth University Rams
Includes: 3 folding glass window units
Includes: 1 clear glass wall system
Crampton Bowl Stadium Doors

University of Texas Stadium Doors
The Cramton Bowl
Montgomery, AL
Home of the Faulkner University Eagles

Texas Memorial Stadium
Austin, TX
Spring Home of the University of Texas Longhorns
Includes: 3 folding glass window units
Includes: 1 six panel, split wall, folding glass wall system

Planning for Operable Stadium Doors

There are several items to consider when planning for the inclusion of operable stadium doors systems:

  • When do the panels need to arrive on the job site? Tell us up front, so Solar Innovations, Inc. can coordinate it’s manufacturing lead times with the stadium’s master schedule.
  • Clearly identify any obstacles, such as columns, demising walls, and seating that need to be taken into account for door operation or daily use with your project manager.
  • Solar Innovations, Inc. can take steps to match non-Solar Innovations, Inc. sightlines where they occur if proper measurements are provided.
  • Clearly identify the door’s purpose, such as sound reduction, clear views, or the ability to open a large space.

If you are interested in Solar Innovations, Inc. stadium doors, please contact a Solar Innovations, Inc. sales representative by calling 800-618-0669 or by e-mailing

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