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If you are looking for custom exterior doors for your business, Solar Innovations, Inc. has the perfect solution. Stacking glass doors are individual panels which slide along a top hung track and stack to a remote location. There is no limitation to the number of panels which move, nor is there a standard size panel. Stacking walls are ideal for large individual panels, typically over 48″ wide. Solar Innovations, Inc. can design around virtually any parameters you have envisioned.

One of the greatest features of a stacking wall is the ability for any door to be an operable panel. This means you can open and walk through each individual door without opening the entire unit. Double doors, or French doors, are also possible with stacking doors. Hardware, such as panic bars and push/pull handles, can be applied to any panel. Door closers can be utilized on operable panels. Each operable panel can lock via a regular keyed door lever; if a door lever is not utilized, dust proof strikes can be engaged into a sill and then locked into place. Recessed tank sills, commonly used on exterior stacking walls, hold water that can then be drained. This sill has been tested up to 6psf.

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There are several typical configurations for the doors, but custom options are also available. Straight configurations are the most common arrangement, where the panels slide in a straight line and stack either parallel or perpendicular to the track. Segmented radius configurations are another common option, where the panels slide along a curved track. At either end of the track, the panels can slide directly into a pocket or make a turn first and then slide into a pocket. An unobstructed view is achieved when the panels have been slid to their new location.

Every stacking glass wall is constructed of thermally enhanced aluminum. The framework will not rot, warp, or require constant finish maintenance. Non-thermal framework can be substituted when the unit is designed for an interior application and does not come into contact with wind or water. Any industry available glazing can be utilized in these doors. LowE glazing is a very efficient choice for businesses, because it minimizes the amount of UV rays penetrating a room. The reduction results in less fading to objects within the room, such as furnishings and window treatments. Temperature also tends to be easier to control in a room that uses LowE glazing. Decorative glass is another option for stacking doors. Etched glass (glass with patterns), art glass, and grid work can all be used on this system to create a unique appearance.

As with any of Solar Innovations, Inc. door products, 6 standard paint colors, two anodized finishes, and custom paint or powder coat matches are available for the stacking door frame. Wood and metal veneer are available to enhance the doors and create a warm inviting environment.

A stacking wall system can be installed by Solar Innovations, Inc. or one of our nationwide dealers. Everything from design, engineering certifications, fabrication, and installation can be completed by Solar Innovations, Inc., thus eliminating wasted time and resources researching for other suppliers. If you have a broken stacking door system, Solar Innovations, Inc. offers repair services to units manufactured by other companies. Based on the scope of your project,  there are also “do-it-yourself”  installation kits available to those who want to buy the product factory direct and complete their own installation.

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