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Solar Innovations, Inc. Solar Canopy
There are times when solar power is the right fit, but the location’s roof is not suitable for installation. For these situations, Solar Innovations, Inc. offers a solar canopy. Take advantage of Solar’s architectural and engineering experience to provide a top notch, functional solar canopy to any project.
Solar Innovations, Inc. Solar CanopySolar Canopies

Solar Innovations, Inc. designs, engineers, and manufactures solar canopies to custom specifications. Local building code, engineering requirements, and aesthetics are considered when designing solar canopies. Solar Innovations, Inc.’s solar canopies treat the solar panels as “glazing units” and are completely sealed within the canopy to provide a watertight product. Gutter and lighting systems can also be integrated into the canopy structure for greater function.

Solar Innovations, Inc. Solar Canopy Car PortSolar Innovations, Inc. Solar Canopy

Solar powered canopies can be designed to act as porch awnings, sunrooms, greenhouses, and parking lot canopies. The system uses a variety of solar panels, including Sanyo HIT panels and Schuco solar panels. It can also be designed around panels that have been engineered into a previously existing system.

The type of solar panel used is determined by personal goals for “light throughput”. The Sanyo HIT panels allow small amounts of light into the structure while most standard panels act as solid roofing membrane. Solar Innovations, Inc. can integrate glass or polycarbonate skylights to provide natural lighting under a canopy. The Solar team can also create patterned solar panel installations that provide access light to certain areas of the structure.

Solar Innovations, Inc. has designed, engineered, and manufactured countless aluminum structures to meet all code requirements and aesthetic goals. Being involved in the architectural industry as a primary business, they understand the importance of integration in the solar business. Concerns in the solar power industry revolve around aesthetic desires and Solar Innovations, Inc. can help design a useful structure that is also visually appealing.

Solar Innovations is a Pennsylvania Sunshine Program approved contractor and can provide the solar electrical installations in various locations, as well as the canopy structure.

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