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Passive Lighting

Passive Solar Lighting Options

Solar Innovations, Inc. products are designed and engineered with economical and environmental concerns in mind. One thing we consider when designing your structure is solar passive lighting. Electric rates will only continue, to increase and with the valuable resource of the sun available, why pass that up? Together we can design a passive solar system that will harness both solar light and heating and help you reduce your energy dependence.

Passive solar lighting is the result of proper structure or skylight planning. It can provide ample light during the day, reducing the dependency on artificial lighting products. There are a few techniques to help you realize your full passive solar lighting potential. These techniques include:

  • East and west windows should be smaller, and are used to provide light. East facing windows will illuminate a room from early in the morning until noon, while west facing windows will illuminate a room late in the evening.
  • Incorporating south facing skylights, called clerestories, can provide light to rooms placed on the northern side of the main structure which do not have an east or west exterior wall.
  • Skylights can gather sunlight all year and are a good choice when lighting is the primary design consideration, such as for rooms in the center of a large building.
Passive Solar Lighting DiagramPassive Solar Lighting Diagram

If you are interested in seeing how applying passive solar lighting techniques can help you reduce your utility bills and increase the quality of your building, contact a Solar Innovations, Inc. Representative today.

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