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Butterfly Garden Fixed Skylight
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Solar Innovations, Inc. offers fixed skylights in virtually any sizes and can accommodate a wide range of design requirements, including impact certified options and Florida Product Approved options. Because Solar Innovations, Inc. has designed several different style tube skylight systems, virtually any roof glazing need can be met. Attaching to virtually any substrate, Solar Innovations, Inc.’s structures are suited for both residential and commercial applications without size or design limitations.

Five standard colors, mill aluminum, and two anodized frame finishes are stocked in house to ensure that short lead times can easily be met. Interior wood veneer or solid mahogany systems can be employed with any fixed skylight to meet the aesthetic desires of our customers. Metal cladding including simulated lead coated copper, copper, and Stainless Steel are available for use on both the interior and exterior of the skylight.

Skylight Assembly Options

In addition to color choice, decorative accessory and glazing options can be adjusted to create a focal point with your skylight or to help it seamlessly blend into the surroundings. The fixed skylights can be glazed with either polycarbonate or glass and can be filled with decorative glass if desired to create a truly unique, modern appeal.

Solar Innovations® Fixed Skylight

Skylights have several unique delivery options. Please visit our Main Skylights page for additional information on our fabrication and delivery options: Pre-Assembled, Pre-Glazed; Pre-Assembled, Not Pre-Glazed; and Knocked Down.

If you would like to have your new Solar Innovations, Inc. fixed skylight installed or have a fixed skylight in need of repair, the Solar Innovations, Inc. service and installation crew will be able to help you! With over 16 years of experience, the installation and service team can service or replace any fixed skylight.

If you have any questions about fixed skylights or standard skylight replacements from other manufacturers, please contact your Solar Representative for additional information.

Barrel Vault Skylights

Barrel Vault Skylight

When looking for a new roof skylight, there are many options to consider. There are operable skylights, sun tunnel skylights, glass skylights, and skylights made out of polycarbonate. If there is a design in mind, chances are good that such a skylight exists.

Solar Innovations, Inc. offers many skylight systems, all customized to your opening. A barrel vault skylight is a beautiful choice for residential skylights as well as commercial skylights. These skylights are often seen in shopping malls and hotel lobbies. In residential applications, barrel vault skylights are included in open air atrium’s or corridors connecting two spaces. Natural light will filter through the skylight and light the dark corridor or a dimly lit room.

Each barrel vault created is a custom skylight. There are no set sizes to maintain. The skylight for your project will be manufactured in Pennsylvania to fit your specific dimensions. Glass or polycarbonate can be utilized within the skylight. There are eight standard colors available, along with any custom color your job may require. Solar Innovations, Inc. offers skylight installation services along with skylight repair services. To discuss a project, please contact a Solar Innovations, Inc. representative.

Segmented Radius Dome Skylights

Solar Innovations® Fixed Skylight

Dome skylights are a classic piece of architecture. Dome shaped ceilings have been popular since ancient times. The Hagia Sophia has a dome ceiling, as does the Baltimore Basilica, which features skylights within the dome. A modern alteration to the domed ceiling is an actual dome skylight projecting out of the roof. Dome skylights gained popularity during the gilded age, where they became a symbol of one’s wealth.

A dome skylight by Solar Innovations® does not need to be large, as any size can be accommodated. All dome skylights are designed to your exact dimensions, there are no standard models to maintain. Each skylight is constructed out of aluminum, which will not rot, warp, or require constant finish maintenance. There are eight standard finishes available along with any custom color your job may require. Glass skylights are the typical construction, but polycarbonate and acrylic may be used as well. Skylight blinds are available to help limit the amount of sunlight and heat entering the room.

Both commercial and residential applications work well with dome skylights; common applications range from the top of a shopping center to a small boutique, to a residential living room or surrounding a spa. In any use, the dome skylight will allow natural light to penetrate the room and open up a space to nature.

After a design is finalized, the skylight will be manufactured in Pennsylvania and then shipped to your job site. Solar Innovations, Inc. offers skylight installation services along with skylight repair services. To discuss a project, please contact a Solar Innovations, Inc. representative.

Pyramid and Hip End Skylights

Pyramid Skylight

Pyramids are one of the oldest shapes known in existence. This shape has been mimicked in everyday life for thousands of years. The most obvious pyramids were those of the ancient Egyptians. Looking around society, one can see examples of pyramid shaped fire pits outdoors and pyramid shape tea bags in a kitchen, as well as the food pyramid chart. Within architecture, there are pyramid shaped museums and hotels.

Solar Innovations® also utilizes the pyramid shape in skylights. A pyramid skylight is an affordable design option. The shape allows for snow run-off and can be customized to different pitches. All dimensions are custom as well which means you do not have to stick to a standard model. Each skylight is constructed out of aluminum, which will not rot, warp, or require constant finish maintenance as compared to a wood skylight. The glazing of the frame can be glass, polycarbonate, or acrylic.

A pyramid skylight can be used within a commercial or residential application. Commercial pyramid skylights are commonly found atop religious buildings and strip malls. Kitchens and sunrooms are common uses for a residential pyramid skylight. A simple way to make a pyramid skylight more architecturally appealing is to add a finial or walls below, which turns the skylight into a roof lantern.

After a design is finalized Solar Innovations, Inc. will fabricate the skylight in Pennsylvania. Installation services are available along with repair services if the existing skylight is only slightly damaged. To discuss a future project, please contact a Solar Innovations, Inc. representative.

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