Curb Mount

Secure, Natural Lighting for Your Home or Business

Commercial Curb Mount Skylight

Curb mount skylights by Solar Innovations, Inc. are uniquely designed to eliminate water penetration. Every curb mount skylight base is constructed of durable aluminum, which will endure exposure to the elements for years to come. Solar Innovations, Inc. can provide an ornate wood interior with an aluminum welded curb if desired. Various cladding options are available, including copper, lead coated copper, and Stainless Steel. All skylights can be customized to virtually any size, shape, and specific design requirement, such as snow, wind, water, and even hurricanes. Any industry glazing can be utilized in your skylight, including high performance glass and polycarbonate. Shading options are also available to reduce heat gain and adjust lighting as desired.

Each curb mount skylight is attached through the side of the curb, not the top, as is typical of many other industry skylights. By attaching at the sides, the chance of long term water penetration through the sill pan is minimized. Most curb mount skylights are available pre-assembled, while others are pre-assembled and pre-glazed.

Modular skylights, partially pre-assembled and partially pre-glazed are other available options. A pyramid skylight that is less than 8’0” x 8’0” and double pitches and hips that are less than 8’0” x 12’0,” can be pre-assembled and pre-glazed. Pre-assembled skylights are prefabricated with welded and sealed corners and joints. A skylight that is not pre-assembled will require field-assembly using silicone or other sealants, which have a slightly higher potential of water penetration as a result of installation error or a building that shifts with time. Be sure to select and speak with a skylight installation expert to minimize leaks and maintenance over time.

Residential Curb Mount Skylight

Factory assembled skylights are fabricated in a controlled environment when compared to the variations of field assembly. The seals on a skylight installed in the field can be compromised by job-site dust and debris. Each Solar Innovations® skylight is constructed in a clean environment, which eliminates any foreign matter, such as dirt, dust, or moisture from entering the skylight and damaging the unit during assembly. Purchasing a factory assembled skylight will ensure the best seals possible and the most durable, long-lasting product.

If there is access to a crane or the man power needed to bring the skylight to the roof, a pre-assembled skylight is the ideal unit. Utilizing a pre-assembled curb mount skylight will minimize the labor needed for installation. Time will be saved on the assembly of the unit, and it is much more cost effective than executing all the assembly on-site. Safety is always a concern when people are on a roof; however, a pre-assembled skylight reduces the amount of time the crew will spend on the roof. The risks are minimized with pre-assembled curb mount skylights.

Pre-assembled Curb Mount Skylights

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