Types of Skylights

Open up any space by incorporating natural overhead lighting with glass, polycarbonate, or acrylic glazed skylights by Solar Innovations, Inc. Solar Innovations, Inc. manufactures virtually any type of skylight imaginable. These skylights are available in limitless shapes and configurations: roof lanterns, residential skylights, commercial skylights, institutional skylights, and more. Hurricane approved skylights are also available in six standard shapes. Custom shapes are available and can be engineered to meet specific design requirements.

To learn more about the history of skylights and their function, please visit our “What Are Skylights” page.

Types Of SkylightsSkylight ConfigurationsSkylight Assembly and Delivery Options

What to Consider When Buying a Skylight

A skylight’s most basic function is to increase the amount of natural light that enters a room. Regardless of size, a skylight system will drastically and positively impact the look and feel of any location. With several styles to choose from, Solar Innovations, Inc provides high-quality, energy efficient skylights custom designed to meet the exact project specifications.

When planning a skylight project, there are many elements to consider.  The final decision between an aluminum skylight and a lower quality plastic one should be determined by the overall value and not the initial price point.  Lower quality plastic skylights do not have the same life expectancy as an aluminum glazed unit and are also statistically more prone to leaks.  When evaluating the cost of repairing those leaks and any damage that they may cause, provides a more accurate total cost for the product.  When these factors are taken into consideration, the total cost of ownership and likelihood of leaks makes an aluminum skylight the optimal investment.  Also, because the skylight increases natural light, the dependence on artificial light is reduced, lowering utility bills and providing a healthier and more enjoyable living or working environment.

Solar Innovations, Inc. offers fixed, venting, operable, retractable, and walkable skylight variations in many sizes and configurations. Venting, operable, and retractable skylights reduce stagnant air by allowing it to naturally cycle through a space. When stagnant air is removed from an environment, germs and bacteria in the air are greatly reduced. The addition of natural light and fresh air has been scientifically proven to promote better health and increase productivity.

Fixed Skylights

Fixed Skylights

Skylights can be glazed with many options, including high performance glass, polycarbonate, and Lumira ® Aerogel filled polycarbonate. Units are characteristically shop pre-fabricated and shipped knocked down for field assembly. Skylights can be incorporated onto any pitch roof line. Normal size is 8’0″ x 8’0″ or less for this specific system.

Retractable Skylights (Horizontal and Vertical)

Retractable Skylights

Retractable roof panels are single sloped, operable skylights which operate on a motorized cable system. This type of skylight can be operated independently or as part of a group and can be used for large scale enclosures as an alternative to our normal ridge vent system to provide an open air environment. As compared to ridge vents, retractable skylights are much larger and will allow more ventilation. Each skylight has the ability to operate up and down or left and right.

Operable Skylights

Operable Skylights

If venting is necessary in a low-pitched roof, in-system skylights are the perfect solution. The skylight’s function is similar to a ridge vent, as it maneuvers on a hinge. An operable skylight is small and visually unobtrusive to the roof and allows fresh air into the space. The operation of the skylight can be either manual or motorized. One motor can control a skylight with up to two bays.

Curb Mount Skylights

Curb Mount Skylight

Curb mount skylights are typically designed as pre-glazed units which require minimal field installation; saving on costly field labor and minimizing possible mistakes. The welded corners provide superior protection against water infiltration and curb deflection.

Wood Interior Skylight

Wood interior Skylights

Solar Innovations, Inc. offers solid and glu-lam wood systems in any skylight configuration. These skylights are designed and manufactured to meet your specific requirements and aesthetic desires. Solar Innovations, Inc. also offers a wood system skylight system, consisting of solid wood or wood laminate interiors and maintenance free aluminum exteriors.

90 Degree Operable Skylights

90 degree operable Skylights

A 90 degree operable skylight lifts the glazed unit or “lid” 90 degrees.  These types of skylights have different applications and functions, one being ventilation. They open fully, allowing the optimum amount of ventilation into a space.  Daylight is a desired effect of all skylights, and the 90 degree series allows more than ample levels of daylight.

Walkable Skylights

Walkable Skylights

Walkable skylights by Solar Innovations, Inc. are the ideal solution for any roof top or decking application. Made from sturdy aluminum, Solar’s in-house engineering team will provide details and point loading, specific to each customer’s situation.

Skylight Configurations

Available Skylight Configurations
celt with vertical wallcurved barrel vaultdome skylightflat skylights
Curved Eave Lean-to SkylightsCurved Barrel Vault SkylightsDome SkylightsFlat Skylights
hip end skylightpyramid skylights
polygon skylightsedp skylight
Hip End SkylightsPyramid SkylightsPolygon SkylightsStraight Eave Double Pitch Skylights
segmented barrel vaultselt with vertical wallsingle slope skylightsstraight eave ridge mount
Segmented Barrel Vault SkylightsStraight Eave Lean-to SkylightsSingle Slope SkylightsStraight Eave Ridge Mount Skylights
 Irregular/Custom configurations are available featuring hips, valleys, lanterns, and dormers. Please contact a Solar Innovations, Inc. representative to discuss custom skylight options.

Pyramid and Hip End Skylights

Pyramid Skylights

Pyramid and hip end skylights by Solar Innovations, Inc. can be used on both residential and commercial projects. Units are available in standard and custom configurations. The skylight can be built to virtually any size. All glazing and finishes available in the industry can be utilized on pyramid skylights. Venting options are available.

Segmented Radius Dome Skylights

Dome Skylights

Dome skylights by Solar Innovations, Inc. are the highest quality in the industry and are constructed out of a sturdy thermal aluminum frame. Sizes and designs can be completely customized to owner’s preference. Two systems are available: radius (bent glass and framework) or segmented (flat glass and framework). A radius system is typically more of an investment but has better long term water resistance, because it has less seams and joints. A segmented skylight is less of an investment but will require a skilled installer.

Barrel Vault

Barrel Vault Skylights

Barrel vault skylights by Solar Innovations, Inc. are traditionally used for commercial applications as walkways or overhangs, but they can easily be incorporated in residential applications as well. There are two different barrel vault systems, a true radius (bent glass) or a segmented (flat glass) barrel vault. Either option can utilize a thermal or non-thermal frame. All sizes are completely custom. Glazing can be either multi-wall polycarbonate, acrylic, or glass.

Roof Lanterns

Roof Lanterns

Roof lanterns are glass structures which sit on top of a lower structure. They are a great way to add charm to a building without the cost of a complete glass structure. The lantern allows for natural daylight to enter the lower structure, or they can be purely decorative if placed on a closed roof. Ventilation can be added to the lantern in the form of ridge vents, eave sashes, or retractable skylights. The motors and control options used to aide in ventilation are of superior quality. Decorative elements will add unique appeal and functionality to any structure.

Skylight Assembly and Delivery Options

» Fully Fabricated and Shipped Knocked Down Skylights

» Factory Pre-assembled Skylights

» Factory Pre-assembled and Pre-glazed Skylights

An expert in glazed skylight design, manufacturing, and installation, Solar Innovations, Inc. will work with you or, if you choose, your architect, contractor, or dealer to help you create the perfect addition to your home. Solar Innovations offers turn-key skylights, where everything from fabrication to assembly to installation is handled by our team here in Pennsylvania. For the handyman, we also offer “do-it-yourself” kits, where you can buy a skylight direct from the factory and complete the installation on your own. Solar Innovations, Inc. also offers repair and restoration services for existing skylights manufactured by other companies.

Skylight - Before - Solar Innovations
Skylight - After - Solar Innovations
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