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    Solar Innovations, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of the highest quality aluminum and wood structures. Their comprehensive product line also includes conservatories, greenhouses, solariums, skylights, pool and spa enclosures, folding glass walls, walkways, canopies, terrace doors and more. Solar Innovations, Inc. strives to produce products tailored to each particular need, residential or commercial.

    This specification includes Solar Innovations, Inc. glazed structures that are available in any size, design, or color with custom or standard options, at comparable prices to their competitors. They say that if you can imagine it, they can build it!

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    1.1 Section Includes

    ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Select items below not required for project.

  • 1.2 Related Sections

    ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Select any sections below not relevant to this project; add others as required.

  • 1.3 References

    ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Select references from the list below that are not actually required by the text of the edited section.

  • ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Edit the following paragraphs to suit project requirements. Coordinate performance requirements with the manufacturer for the project location, wall size, and local building code requirements.
  • 1.4 Performance Requirement

  • ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Delete one of the following two paragraphs. Use the second paragraph if you wish the manufacturer to determine loading requirements based on the structure desired, location, and use.


    A. Submit under provisions of Section 01300.

    B. Product Data: Manufacturer's data sheets on each product to be used, including:

    1. Product details.

    2. Preparation instructions and recommendations.

    3. Storage and handling requirements and recommendations.

    4. Installation methods.

    C. Shop Drawings: Detailed drawings and structural calculations prepared specifically for the project by manufacturer; provide stamp or seal of licensed professional engineer if required by authorities having jurisdiction.

    a. Indicate material thickness, fastener locations, glazing and hardware arrangements.

    b. Include schedule identifying each unit, with marks or numbers referencing drawings.

    c. Must show all surrounding substrates and relevant conditions.

    d. Must be drawn in the domestic USA, by the manufacturer of the system.

    ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Select selection samples if colors have already been selected.


    A. Manufacturer Qualifications: Company specializing in manufacturing products specified in this section including but not limited to greenhouses, doors, and vents with a minimum of twelve (12) years experience in fabrication and erection of glazed structures for projects of similar scope. Manufacturer shall be recognized by NAMI. Manufacturer must use extruded aluminum system that uses domestically produced aluminum, and is fabricated/assembled in the USA.

    B. Installer Qualifications: Experienced in performing work of this section that has specialized in installation of work similar to that required for the project. Manufacturer must approve installer of greenhouse for warranty to be valid. Manufacturer may not withhold approval of installer for undue reasons.


    A. Store products in manufacturer's unopened packaging, covered to protect factory finishes from damage, precipitation, and construction dirt until ready for installation.

    B. Protect factory finishes from damage, precipitation and construction materials until ready for installation.


    A. Maintain environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, and ventilation) within limits recommended by manufacturer for optimum results. Do not install products under environmental conditions outside manufacturer's absolute limits.

    B. Perform structural silicone sealant work when air temperature is above 10 degrees F (minus 12 degrees C).

  • 1.9 WARRANTY

    A. Structure: Provide glazed structure manufacturer's warranty that installed structure will be free from significant defects in material, workmanship, and uncontrolled water leakage for two (2) years from date of Substantial Completion. (Reference original warranty for complete warranty time frames).

    ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Select warranties below that do not apply to products specified.

    B. Finish

  • ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Under extreme conditions, warranties for glazing may be less than ten (10) years. Verify conditions with manufacturer. Select the following paragraph if not required; edit to suit conditions.



    A. Acceptable Manufacturer: Solar Innovations, Inc.; 31 Roberts Road, Pine Grove, PA 17963. ASD. Tel. Toll Free: (800) 618-0669. Tel: (570) 915-1500. Fax: (570) 915-6083. Email:

    B. Manufacturing Facility has achieved Gold LEED certification.

    ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Select one of the following two paragraphs; coordinate with requirements of Division 1 section on product options and substitutions.


    A. Vertical Walls:

    ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Select two of the following three paragraphs.

  •  c. Glazing:

  • ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Select three of the following four paragraphs. The first two are standard options. other sizes will be custom.

  •  f. Framing Member Cross Section:
  •  g. Dimensions:
  • ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Edit the following paragraphs as required.
  •  h. Width:
  •  i. Length:
  • ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Provide the design intent of the mullions here or as indicated on the Drawings. For instance the design may call for the use of mullions to break up the glass to match the pattern on an existing structure. Any type of guideline for design the Architect can provide will assist the manufacturer in a workable design solution. Select one of the following options or modify to reflect actual design intents. Obtain the manufacturer's approval of design shown on Drawings.

  • ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Many code jurisdictions have their own local code requirements. Provide local code requirements under which the project is being designed; i.e. Uniform Building Code, 1997 Edition with local amendments. If project location has only national code jurisdiction, indicate as such.
  •  o. Local Code Jurisdiction:

  • ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Select two of the following three paragraphs.

  •  c. Glazing:

  • ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Select all but one of the following configuration descriptions.

  •  h. Configuration:

  • ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Delete three of the following four paragraphs. The first two are standard options. Other sizes will be custom.

  •  c. Framing Member Cross Section:
  •  d. Dimensions:

  • ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Edit the following paragraphs as required.
  •  a. Ridge Height:
  •  b. Eave Height:
  •  c. Roof Pitch:
  •  d. Projection:
  •  e. Width:
  •  f. Length:

  • ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Many code jurisdictions have their own local code requirements. Provide local Code requirements under which the project is being designed; i.e. Uniform Building Code, 1997 Edition with local amendments. If project location has only national code jurisdiction, indicate as such.
  •  Local Jurisdiction Code:


    ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** The exterior of the wood system is clad in aluminum. Retain this paragraph for both wood and aluminum framing systems.

  • ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** The manufacturer will select the type of glazing for the project based on project location, site, use of structure, and input from the Architect. If glazing type has been determined, modify following to indicate type, thickness, tint if any, and other specific requirements. Coordinate with glazing described above.

  • ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Select the following when not required. Thermal Break: Manufacturer's standard system to provide thermal separation between exterior and interior components.

  • ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Verify with manufacturer if internal reinforcing is required based on framing material, structure, size and configuration.


    A. Fabricate components in accordance with approved shop drawings. Remove burrs and rough edges. Shop fabricate to greatest extent practicable to minimize field cutting, splicing, and assembly. Disassemble only to extent necessary for shipping and handling limitations. Install gaskets and tapes in factory.

    B. Welding:

    1. Comply with recommendations of American Welding Society.

    2. Grind exposed welds smooth and flush with adjacent surfaces before finishing; restore mechanical finish.

    ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Select the following if internal reinforcing is not required for this project.

  • D. Fabricate components true to detail and free from defects impairing appearance, strength or durability. Contour outdoor horizontal or purlin glazing retainers to minimize water ponding and ice or snow buildup.

    E. Fabricate components to allow for accurate and rigid fit of joints and corners. Match components carefully ensuring continuity of line and design. Ensure joints and connections will be flush and weathertight. Ensure slip joints make full, tight contact and are weathertight.

    F. Reinforce components at anchorage and support points, at joints, and at attachment points for interfacing work.

    G. Glass: Accurately size glass to fit openings allowing clearances following recommendations of "Glazing Manual" published by Flat Glass Marketing Association.

    H. Cut glass clean and carefully. Nicks and damaged edges will not be accepted. Replace glass that has damaged edges.

  • 2.5 FINISHES

    ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Select all but one of the following aluminum finishes. If more than one finish is required, indicate the locations where each is to be used. Verify current standard colors available.

  • ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** If a custom color or a different type of finish is required, verify availability with manufacturer and enter a description below.
  •  E. Other Finish:
  •  a. Aluminum Liquid Finish:
     b. Aluminum Powder Finish:
     c. Aluminum Anodized Finish:
     d. Wood Veneer:
     e. Metal Cladding:



    A. Do not begin installation until substrates have been properly prepared.

    B. If substrate preparation is the responsibility of another installer, notify Architect of unsatisfactory preparation before proceeding. Work by Others. However, it is the installers responsibility to notify the Contractor and Architect if conditions are inappropriate for proper installation.


    A. Clean surfaces thoroughly prior to installation.

    B. Prepare surfaces using the methods recommended by the manufacturer for achieving the best result for the substrate under the project conditions.


    A. Install glazed structure system in accordance with approved shop drawings and manufacturer's instructions.

    B. Separate dissimilar materials using nonconductive tape, paint, or other material not visible in finished work.

    C. Provide attachments and shims to permanently fasten system to building structure.

    D. Maintain dimensional tolerances and alignment with adjacent work.

    E. Anchor structure securely in place, allowing for required movement, including expansion and contraction.

    F. Install glazing and sealants in accordance with manufacturer's instructions without exception, including surface preparations.

    G. Set sill members in bed of sealant. Set other members with internal sealants to provide weather tight construction.

    H. Install flashings, bent metal closures, corners, gutters, and other accessories as required or detailed.

    I. Clean surfaces and install sealant in accordance with sealant manufacturer's instructions and structure manufacturer's guidelines.


    A. Protect installed products until completion of project.

    B. Touch-up, repair, or replace damaged products before Substantial Completion.

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