Residential Walkways & Breezeways

Residential Walkways by Solar Innovations
Residential Walkways by Solar InnovationsResidential Walkways by Solar InnovationsResidential Walkways by Solar Innovations
Residential Breezeway
Residential Breezeway
Residential Style BreezewayResidential Walkway

Providing a Gateway to Nature

Residential walkways and breezeways are an aesthetically pleasing and functional feature that can be added to any home. A walkway is an enclosure that is covered on all four sides; the structure can be used to create a link between two buildings. The passage allows users to move from one area to another and remain protected from the elements. Walkways between a house and garage are common. Connecting the route from the home to a sunroom, greenhouse, conservatory, or pool enclosure is also a practical walkway use.

Solar Innovations, Inc. designs each walkway to be custom fit to our customer’s specifications. Therefore, two identical walkways are never constructed. Each job is built to the customer’s exact specifications; any shape or size can be created. Complex designs, with multiple levels and directional turns, are a welcome challenge. In-house engineers ensure the walkway’s ability to withstand high wind, snow, and water loads. The most common walkway designs include double pitch, lean-to, and curved barrel vault. Decorative options such as grids, finials, and ridge cresting can be added (depending on the configuration).

Solar Innovations, Inc. walkways are comprised of glass and aluminum. Seven standard finishes are offered along with custom finish colors (for an additional price). Copper, bronze, or stainless steel claddings are additional options for finishing. Solar Innovations, Inc. can match the walkway frame to any color sample supplied by the customer. Doors and windows can be incorporated into the design, allowing ventilation of the structure, and provide an exit at the midway point. Various glass options are available; the majority of the roof will consist of laminated glass, while the walls will feature tempered glass. Glass tints, such as low-e and additional color options are available for the walkways.

Solar Innovations, Inc. manufactures each walkway and breezeway in its Pine Grove, Pennsylvania facility, and supplies a full set of shop drawings for each project. Customers are encouraged to visit the facility if possible. We encourage all applicable parties to accompany the visit, including architects, designers and contractors. While at the facility, everyone can sit down and discuss the project and tour the manufacturing plant. After the manufacturing is complete, Solar Innovations, Inc. or one of its nationwide dealers can complete the installation, or repair to an existing walkway.

If you are interested in a breezeway or walkway by Solar Innovations, Inc., please contact a sales representative at 1-800-618-0669 or

Residential Walkway
Residential WalkwayResidential WalkwayResidential Walkway


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