Lumira ® Aerogel Case Studies

Located below you will find a collection of case studies conducted on the use of Lumira ® aerogel.

What is Lumira?

Lumira aerogel is an insulating gel used to fill polycarbonate for many architectural systems and applications. Lumira aerogel’s main purpose is to increase thermal ratings but can also greatly reduce sound transmission difference. For more information on Lumira, please click here.

Lumira in Greenhouse

Lumira Greenhosue Case Study

The greenhouse above was designed with double pane insulated glass on the south, east, and west-facing walls. The glass is utilized to collect direct sun and benefits the plants, which are housed in the structure year-round. 40 mm Thermoclick polycarbonate panels with a Lumira fill were integrated into the north wall and north-facing roof slope, which never receives direct sunlight. These walls were outfitted with Lumira because of it’s value as an insulator.

The R-10 value of the Lumira retains heat during the winter and blocks solar heat gain during the summer, while still allowing 38% light transmission. In addition, a higher R-value increases the resistance to condensation forming on the cold side of the greenhouse. Lumira is the only solid insulating material on the market that can provide favorable thermal performance and not compromise the light requirements of plants. Lumira is proving to be the solution to creating a more energy efficient greenhouse.

Greenhouse operators should note the projected propane fuel cost savings per year for a structure using an energy efficient Lumira design. These theoretical calculations were run for the same size greenhouses in Pine Grove, PA, with propane priced at $3.13/gal and maintained a greenhouse temperature of 65°F.

Fuel costs for greenhouses consisting of the following:

  • Single pane glass – $14,380/year
  • Double pane insulated glass for entire structure – $3,336/year
  • Double pane insulated glass/40mm Thermoclick with Lumira on the north wall/slope – $2,480/year

Lumira Folding Glass Wall System Case Study

Pictured below is a corner café that hopes to maximize natural lighting and visual access for its customers. Unfortunately, an unsightly alley borders one side of the business. The main street storefront utilizes Solar Innovations, Inc.’s folding wall system that opens to a sidewalk seating area. A Solar Innovations, Inc. sliding door system with Lumira is added to the wall facing the alley, which can reduce sound transmission as much as 70% while still allowing as high as 64% light transmission.

Lumira is particularly adapted to low frequency sound dampening, like the rumble of large vehicles.Lumira scatters direct light off of reflective surfaces, which reduces glares, creating a soft light. The door system blocks the loud sounds emitted from the alley, provides daylighting, and acts as an excellent delivery entrance for after hours.

 Lumira Folding Glass Walls



Lumira ® Aerogel Case Studies

» Novato Unified Education Center in Novato, CA

» Historic Restoration in Oakland, CA

» Building 115 in Seattle, WA

» European Castorama Stores

» Commercial Center Carrefour in Southwest, France

» Convent of Fra Angelica in Louvain La Neuve, Belgium

» Freeman’s Quay Pool and Leisure Center in Durham, UK

» School Gymnasium in Mainz, Germany




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