Suntuitive Glass Technology

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What is Suntuitive?

Suntuitive Technology
Suntuitive is a self-tinting window technology that darkens gradually and dynamically when heated by direct sunlight.

Pleotint’s innovative Suntuitive technology opens the door to the next generation of windows.

Pleotint offers an environmentally interactive glass interlayer, Suntuitive, that lightens and darkens by itself – with absolutely no mechanical intervention – according to changing levels of ambient temperature and sunlight.  Suntuitive is the most advanced, yet simplest,  dynamic window technology available.

Why Suntuitive ?

Occupant Comfort


Cost Savings

Additional Features

  • Always a view
  • Outdoor Connection
  • Natural lighting
  • Minimized solar heat gain
  •  Tints from warmth of direct sunlight
  • Complete aesthetic flexibility
  • Available with a variety of glass
  •  Powered by the Sun
  • Reduces HVAC requirements
  • Saves energy
  • Blocks damaging UV and fading
  •  Impact resistance / increased security
  • Innovative, patented, and approved
  • Reduced sound penetration
  • LEED contributions
Suntuitive ViewSuntuitive preserves your window’s view by reducing the need for shades, blinds, exterior overhangs and other light-blocking devices.

Suntuitive self-tinting windows help manage your building’s changing needs for passive solar heat gain, solar control and natural daylight transmittance.

Building occupants enjoy more consistent, comfortable temperatures, reduced interior glare, more natural lighting and clear views of the outdoors every day of the year.

Unmatched Security and Protection

Sututive Works Day In and Day Out
Suntuitive self-tinting windows consist of laminated glass that is insulated with a piece of LowE glass. With this laminated design, Suntuitive windows significantly enhance building security and reduce outside noise.
  • Suntuitive shields occupants and furnishings from damaging UV and reduces absorbed heat and light which contribute to fading
  • 20+ year lifetime with third party testing
  • Impact & security tested

Suntuitive is Smart and Sustainable

Suntuitive Windows

Energy Savings:

  • Suntuitive can lower costs associated with air conditioning, artificial lighting and heating, which is up to 70% of a building’s total energy consumption
  • Potential to significantly downsize a building’s heating and cooling systems
  • The greatest energy savings come during time of peak energy consumption when energy costs are higher. That saves you money and is also good for the environment.
Green features:
  • Powered by heat from direct sunlight
  • No manual, mechanical or electrical intervention
  • With Suntuitive, occupants can quite literally see and experience the energy savings and well being the technology offers
  • Durable and maintenance free
  • Suntuitive is a GreenSpec® listed product putting it in the top 10% of green building products that can contribute toward LEED certification
Suntuitive Windows

Comfort is maximized by:

  • Clear view of the outdoors
  • Allowing for increased use of daylighting
  • More consistently comfortable temperatures
  • Reduced glare

Optimizing Design

Use all of the space in your building, including the precious window real estate without worrying about jeopardizing occupant comfort and performance. Suntuitive windows draw all of their operational energy directly from the sun. The process is entirely self-sustaining and the windows do not require wiring or manual intervention.

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