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Unlike polycarbonate, Solera is a glass product. There is a UV barrier within the glass which will not render material brittle or fade over the years, helping to provide a 60 – 100 year lifespan. The glass has a white appearance, and there are several available thicknesses, all featuring the white color. Solera reduces glare while allowing diffused light into the space. Rooms with clear glass will suffer from bright spots and shadows, all of which are eliminated with Solera. Instead, the space will have an even distribution of soft light, which reaches deep into an area.

Solera controls the amount of light and heat which enters a room. The costs spent on cooling a room will be reduced when compared to using clear glass. Energy efficiency is greatly improved with Solera, measured by LDG (Light Diffusing Glass). The glass units can be filed with nanogel to achieve even better insulation values. The thermal comfort of the occupants will also be increased.

Solera can assist if your project is working towards LEED certification. Several of the Indoor Environmental Quality points, including 2.1, 2.2, and 2.3, along with points from the Energy and Atmosphere Category, have the potential to use Solera glass. Additionally, every part of Solera glass can be recycled. The following link will allow you to view the sustainability criteria of Solera glass.

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Solera glass can be used in numerous applications offered by Solar Innovations,Inc. suited for both residential and commercial. Curtain walls are the most obvious choice. Skylights and glass structures such as sunrooms, pool enclosures and conservatories work well with Solera glass. Fixed windows, such as transoms, clerestory windows or individual units will accept Solera glass and help create a more comfortable environment. To further discuss glass options, please call Solar Innovations and ask to speak to a sales representative.

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