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LowE-272 glass delivers year-round comfort, whether it’s 20°F below or 110°F in the shade. In winter, LowE-272 reflects heat back into the room. In summer, it rejects the sun’s heat and damaging UV rays. Not only is it the clearest, highest performing glass you can buy, it is the clearest clearest of the LowE tints.

Regardless of where your project is located, choosing glazing that provides you with the highest level of comfort and energy savings year-round is extremely important. Choosing the right glass for your windows, doors, or structure is the most important factor in the decision.

The Efficient Windows Collaborative (www.efficientwindows.org) suggests that when glass surface temperature falls below 52°F, there is a risk of thermal discomfort. To maintain the best comfort during the winter, select a glass product that produces surface temperatures that will stay above this point during the coldest outdoor conditions.

272 LoE Glazing

Inside and Outside Temperatures

During cold weather, the insulating effect of your glazing has a direct impact on how your rooms feel. Typically, 75% of the exposed surface of a glazed structure, window, or door is glass, and the temperature of the room-side of the glass directly affects the air temperature in the room. The better insulated the window glass, the warmer your room will be.

The table below compares the room-side center of glass temperatures of four different glass types against two different winter conditions.

Inside and Outside Temperature Chart

Single-pane, clear31°
Double-pane, clear37°51°
Ordinary LowE47°58°

LoE 272 is suitable for plants, allowing enough light for plant growth, yet reducing summer burning.

272 LoE Glazing

Windows made with clear glass or ordinary LowE glass are the biggest offenders when it comes to the air-conditioning load in your home. So, when it’s hot outside, the sun comes raging in making your space uncomfortable. The chart at right shows windows with a high solar heat gain contribute to more than 50% of air-conditioning costs.

The oppressive heat of the sun is composed of visible light and invisible infrared energy. LowE-272 is produced with a patented coating technology that allows the daylight to pass through the glass and filters out solar heat.

Controlling solar gain not only saves energy during the air-conditioning season, but it also improves the comfort and livability of sunny rooms during the spring and fall when the cooling system isn’t normally used.

The insulating value of LoE-272 patented coating is nearly double that of an ordinary IG unit – the equivalent of a quad-glazed window.

The coating is virtually invisible to the eye yet blocks 84% of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. In fact, LoE-272 is the clearest, highest performing glass you can buy.

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient – (SHGC). The amount of solar radiation that enters a building as heat. The lower the number, the better the glazing is at preventing solar gain.

Fading Transmission – The portion of energy transmitted in a spectral region from 300 to 700 nanometers. This region includes all the ultraviolet energy and most of the visible spectrum, and will give the best representation of relative fading rates. The lower the number, the better the glass is for reducing fading potential of carpets and interior furnishings.

U-Factor – This represents the heat flow rate through a window expressed in BTU/hr/ft2/°F, using winter weather conditions of 0°F outside and 70°F inside. The smaller the number, the better the window system is at reducing heat loss.

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