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Enhanced Performance Glass

LoE-i89™, a new glass, takes the center of glass U-factors to a remarkable 0.20 when coupled with our LoE glass and argon fill in a double-pane unit. Without argon, and with or without capillary tubes, the unit still delivers a U-factor of just 0.23 – perfect for high altitudes. You get triple pane performance in a double-pane window.

Turn Double-Pane into Triple-Pane

LoE-i89 is sputtered onto the indoor lite, the #4 surface, thus reflecting escaping heat back into the room and lowering U-factors. Coupled with our LoE glass and argon fill, this double-pane unit delivers performance much better than clear triple-pane – a center of glass U-factor of just 0.20 compared to 0.35 with clear triple-pane.

To surpass the U-factor performance of our LoE-i89 IG double-pane unit, you would need to go to a triple-pane unit with a LowE coating in each gap.

With a center of glass U-factor of only 0.20 (0.23 without argon) and SHGC of just 0.25, an insulating glass unit -with LoE 366 and LoE i89 meets the most stringent energy standards – without going to a triple-pane unit.

In addition to providing maximum energy efficiency in a double pane unit, LoE i89 offers several other customer pleasing benefits. Its surface is smooth, making it easier to remove label residue and to clean. Perhaps most importantly, there’s no haze to mar the view.

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient – (SHGC). The amount of solar radiation that enters a building as heat. The lower the number, the better the glazing is at preventing solar gain.

Fading Transmission – The portion of energy transmitted in a spectral region from 300 to 700 nanometers. This region includes all of the ultraviolet energy and most of the visible spectrum, and will give the best representation of relative fading rates. The lower the number, the better the glass is for reducing fading potential of carpets and interior furnishings.

U-Factor – This represents the heat flow rate through a window expressed in BTU/hr/ft2/°F, using winter weather conditions of 0°F outside and 70°F inside. The smaller the number, the better the window system is at reducing heat loss.

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