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Glare Control Glass

Wherever glare is a problem, LoE 340 glass is the ideal solution. It’s a specially treated version of our finest LowE glass. LoE3240 does much more than control glare. It also maintains year-round comfort. In summer, it blocks oppressive solar heat gain and maintains cool glass temperatures. Then, when winter rolls around, it keeps indoor glass temperatures warm.

The solar performance of our new LoE 340 glass is unprecedented in a double-pane unit – no room-darkening tint required. With its SHGC of just 0.18, it greatly reduces oppressive solar heat gain. And wherever glare is a problem, LoE 340 controls that as well. Then when cold weather rolls around, its low U-Factor reduces indoor heat loss.

When it comes to reducing solar heat gain from the blazing sun, LoE 340 simply has no equal. And because it’s not tinted, you enjoy a number of other advantages as well. First, there’s the cost savings of no tint. Then you avoid the disadvantages of tinting: the potential for thermal stress breakage and the potential need to heat treat the glass.

Tinted glass has several other glaring deficiencies. Regular tinted glass works by absorbing sunlight, so the glass becomes hot in the sun. The color of the glass also changes with its thickness. On the other hand, LoE 340’s appearance and performance remain the same regardless of glass thickness.

What’s more, LoE 340 has a very high LSG (light to solar gain ratio) of 2.17. So even though solar gain is being controlled, plenty of visible light is still allowed inside. (NOTE: LSG based on 340/clear with 3mm glass thickness.)

LoE 340 Summer In Winter Out

Year-round thermal comfort is mainly the result of two things:

  1. Blocking oppressive solar heat gain in hot weather, thus maintaining cooler glass temperatures.
  2. Reducing heat loss in cold weather, thus maintaining warmer glass temperatures.
Because LoE 340 is more than a solar control glass, its advanced design provides a very low U-Factor of 0.25. This results in more comfort and energy savings in cold weather.One of the best ways to compare comfort is to use the Mean Radiant Temperature (MRT). MRT can be thought of as a “feels like” temperature; the closer the MRT is to the thermostat setting, the better the comfort will be.

Inside Glass Temperatures

Interior Glass Chart
Double glazing improves the winter comfort, especially when a low-emittance LoĒ³ coating is used. A double-pane window with a conventional tinted glass and low-e on the #3 surface (air-space side of indoor pane) improves the solar blockage, but exposes the building occupants to hot glass temperatures in the summer.

LoĒ³-340 is placed on the #2 surface (air-space side of outdoor pane) and provides the best comfort through all the seasons.

Glass Comparrison

Glass Performance

Less heat gain when it’s hot, less heat loss when it’s cold, more comfort year-round, and the best glare control under the sun.

Finally, LoĒ³-340 delivers the lowest UV transmission of any LoĒ glass we offer. This greatly reduces fading on furniture, carpet, draperies and everything inside the home.

It can be purchased in hurricane-resistant laminated glass, in a variety of custom shapes and sizes. To learn more about LoĒ³-340 and other Cardinal glass products, ask your contractor or architect.

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