Glass Applications

The application of a glass project is the key determination for what glazing should be used. Different uses require different glazing, so it is important to know how to select the correct glass. There are three general categories: primary focus is for plants, primary focus is for plants and people, and primary focus is for people.

Glazing Applications | Greenhouse

Primary Focus is for Plants

This application would be a greenhouse. The owner is using the glass structure to grow their plants.  There will not be dinners and parties in the greenhouse. When this is the case, there are several options, all of which depend on what you are growing:

  • If the greenhouse is being used for propagation, starting seeds, growing cacti, or other bright light plants, then you will want a high light transmittance. This means you want the most light possible to penetrate the glass and enter the greenhouse. The best solution is plain clear glass with no tinting.
  • A mid-range of plants is the second option. This greenhouse grows plants that like sun and others that may like medium light. These plants would include tropicals and house plants.  Solar Innovations® recommends the use of a LowE glass. This glass reduces the amount of light that enters the greenhouse but still allows in enough to grow light loving plants. The best solution is to utilize LoE 272.
  • The third greenhouse range is for shade plants. Plants that are low-light and will burn easily fall into this category. Orchids, philodendron varieties and certain palms would fit this greenhouse. This is another case for LowE glass. The recommendation is to use LoE 240 in the roof and LoE 272 in the walls.
People and Plants Application

Primary Focus on Plants and People

This type of structure has a specific purpose where people will meet. It may be a breakfast nook, a sunroom where children play, a conservatory for entertaining dinner parties. Regardless of the room’s purpose, there are probably furniture, accessories, and window treatments.  There are also plants.  There are plants by the window sills, on top of furniture, and hanging from the ceiling. This is a dual purpose room, and Solar Innovations® recommends the use of a LowE glazing here as well. LoE 272 or 240 in the roof and 272 in the walls are two safe choices. Both selections allow adequate light for the plants but still help to make a comfortable room for the people.

Greenhouse Glazing Application

Primary Focus on People

People Glazing ApplicationThis is a glass room where people reside, no plants. LowE glass should always be used when people are the primary occupants. Whether you live in the Rockies or Florida, the glass will always be useful.  The temperature will be moderated with LowE glass, and fading will be lessened with this glass. LoE 240 or LoE 366 are the best solutions for the dwellers.
Sunroom Glazing Application

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