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Decorative glass is an option for all Solar Innovations, Inc. products and is the perfect way to add aesthetics to any room or structure. Glass is the primary unit on any Solar Innovations, Inc. product. In certain situations, the glass may seem flat and a little dull. Selecting a decorative glass is an easy way to add architectural appeal to the structure. This type of glass can be used on any product from windows and doors to sunrooms and conservatories. The entire project can include decorative glass or just a small section such as the transoms. Solar Innovations, Inc. offers several standard offerings in decorative glass. While these options are the standard selections, there are many more available in the industry and more than likely can be incorporated into your project. Feel free to discuss your project with a Solar Innovations, Inc. representative.

1. Pattern Glass: Acid etching is a process where a pattern is added to glass. The glass appears frosted or fogged.

Pattern 62RainSingle ChipEnglish Reeded

2. Leaded Glass: Leaded glass is the addition of a leaded grid on the glass. Antique window grid work was done with leaded grids. This is a replication of the antique grids. Various configurations are available for the grids

3. Blinds Between Glass: This is a special glass combination, where blinds are placed in the air space of an insulated glass unit. The blinds can tilt and be pulled up/down. There are several colors available for the blinds. Strong glares and heat transmittance is reduced with blinds between glass

4. Electrochromic Glass: This is a glass which changes shading. It will change from clear to gray with the flip of a switch. The glass provides glare reduction and shade protection. A skylight or sunroom will become very hot and allow harsh glares and sunlight into a room, so the use of electrochromic glass will eliminate the need for shading.

Acid Etch

5. Art Glass: Art glass is a term used to coin any special order glass. The glass can be hand blown or machine made, and it can be made to mimic antique seeded glass. Other art glass is colorful and full of swirls. Another type of art glass is where an actual photograph is imposed onto glass. This is useful for logos and written words.

6. Wire Glass: Wire glass is a specialty glass reinforced with wire mesh. The wire adds support to the unit. If the glass breaks, the wire holds the glass in place. Wire glass is often used with skylights and glass roofs. If you have a specific project in mind or a desired look, please feel free to contact a Solar Innovations, Inc. representative.


EnsoGlass is a decorative glazing product suitable for interior and exterior applications. The glazing is a composite of glass and resin created to be extremely durable and over 100 times stronger than regular glass. Organic materials are fully encapsulated in the material with options such as flowers, grass, bamboo, papyrus, and leaves. Using this product in your framework will act as custom artwork, provide privacy (depending upon pattern selected), and is suitable for both residential and commercial.
Bamboo LongBamboo ShortBanana TreeFossil Leaves
Fossil Leaves AmberGrassHarvestPapyrus Dark
Papyrus LightPetalRainforest LeavesStarburst

Ceramic Frit Spandrel

Ceramic Frit Spandrel is a coating placed on glass which eliminates vision. The spandrels coating is sprayed onto the glass and creates a solid color. Spandrels can be designed into a residential applications, such as the covering of a plenum to hide HVAC equipment and areas where privacy is required such as a restroom, but Spandrels are typically used on commercial buildings. Various Spandrel colors are available.
Spotted FritStripped Frit

J Series Spandrels

BlackBlueCharcoalLava Bronze
GreenSubdued GreyWarm GreyWhite

P Series Spandrels

BlackHarmony BlueHarmony BronzeHarmony Gray
Harmony Graylite #14Harmony SolexLava BronzeSnow White

V-Groove Glazing Options

V-groove glazing is often featured in Transoms.

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