Sunroom Services

Solar Innovations, Inc. offers various sunroom services, such as basic service work, sunroom installation, sunroom replacement, and sunroom restoration. Information on these services can be found in the tabs below. If you would like further information or to speak with a Solar Innovations, Inc.’s representative, contact us today at 800-618-0669 or

Sunroom Service

A sunroom is a wonderful addition to any home, but without proper service, the structure’s functionality can fail. The glass in aging sunrooms can become leaky, fogged, or broken. If an occupant can feel a draft of air blowing through the sunroom, it may be time to look into sunroom service work.

Sunroom During Service Work

Solar Innovations, Inc.’s highly trained team members will work with you to provided quality sunroom service and repair options. We are even able to provide sunroom service solutions for structures not manufactured by Solar Innovations, Inc.

Windows and doors with glass issues, damage, or functionality difficulties may require simple service work, or in extreme cases, full replacement. Solar Innovations, Inc. is a single source manufacturer and specializes in providing doors and windows specifically designed for use in sunrooms and other glazed structures. The wear and tear placed on vent motors may cause issues over time. Solar Innovations, Inc.’s sunroom service experts can provide service or replacement options for failing motors as well.

Structure After Solar Innovations Sunroom Service

Any photographs of the issue are greatly appreciated when contacting your Solar Innovations, Inc. representative with a sunroom service request. You can contact a Solar Innovations, Inc. representative at 800-618-0669 or

Sunroom Restoration

Older homes often feature attached sunrooms. As additions were added to homes, glass sitting rooms were constructed so home owners could enjoy the views of nature while being protected from the elements. These aging sunrooms tend to deteriorate due to lack of proper maintenance or poor construction quality.

Sunroom Before RestorationAfter Sunroom Restoration by Solar Innovations
Sunroom Before RestorationSunroom After Restoration

Issues pertaining to glass and framing are common complaints during sunroom restoration. Older sunrooms generally contain single pane glass which provides little to no insulation. This makes the sunroom highly inefficient and often drives up energy costs. The glass located in an antique sunroom may also be fogged, leaky, or broken. Solar Innovations, Inc.’s sunroom restoration experts can work with customers to re-glaze the structure with energy efficient double or triple pane glass that can feature LowE coatings for additional efficiency. Solar Innovations, Inc. can also re-glaze sections of surooms; even those not manufactured by Solar Innovations, Inc.

Sunroom Leaking and Debris

Broken hardware on windows and doors is often an issue when dealing with aging sunrooms. These elements often fail before the rest of the structure because they are used more frequently. Doors and windows in older sunrooms also have a tendency to leak or stick. Solar Innovations, Inc.’s sunroom restoration services can provide replacement parts, replacement hardware, and, in extreme cases, replace entire door or window units.

Many customers wish to restore an existing sunroom that is attached to their home. Solar Innovations, Inc. can perform a sunroom restoration that will work to save as much of the existing structure as possible. Select elements of the existing sunroom can often be replaced or upgraded to improve function and efficiency. Solar Innovations, Inc.’s in-house engineers and designers will work to provide a sunroom that aesthetically matches your previous structure as close as possible if the entire sunroom must be replaced.

If you would like to speak with a Solar Innovations, Inc. representative about sunroom restoration, please contact us today at 800-618-0669 or

Sunroom Replacement

Soalr Innovations, Inc.’s sunroom replacement services may be needed as sunrooms break down and begin to deteriorate beyond the point of restoration. Solar Innovations, Inc. can replace major elements of the sunroom as well; awning windows and doors can be replaced with new energy efficient units. Solar’s sunrooms feature Argon filled glass with stainless steel spacers and carry a 20 year warranty in most instances.

Sunroom Replacement BeforeSunroom Replacment After
Sunroom Replacement – BeforeSunroom Replacement After

Solar Innovations, Inc. can also replace broken or damaged glass in a sunroom. Tempered double or triple pain glazing can be utilized to provide home owners with an energy efficient sunroom. LowE coatings can also be applied to the glazing to further improve performance; the type of coating chosen will depend on the sunroom’s location and orientation.

Replacement Glass SunroomSunroom Replacement Glass
Solar Innovations, Inc. Provides Sunroom Replacement Glass

Sunlight can cause glares and discomfort, depending on the sunroom’s orientation. The sunroom may become too hot or the glares may simply become a nuisance. Solar Innovations, Inc. also offers sunroom replacement glazing in the form of dynamic glass for cases like this. Dynamic glass tints from dark to light, reducing glares, adding privacy, and preserving views. Another option would be to retrofit a shading system to help block glares and reduce temperatures during summer months.

It may be time to consider a complete sunroom replacement when sunrooms fall into a state beyond repair. The old unit can be demolished and recycled, while the new unit is being designed and manufactured at Solar Innovations, Inc.’s LEED gold certified facility. Custom sunrooms can be manufactured in virtually any size, shape, or configuration.

If you would like to speak with a Solar Innovations, Inc. representative about sunroom replacement, please contact us today at 800-618-0669 or

Sunroom Installation

Sunroom installation can be a very technical matter, and Solar Innovations, Inc. recommends employing a professional to complete the process. When completing a sunroom installation, be sure the installer regularly works with glass and has a proven track record of installing quality sunrooms. A “bargain” sunroom installation may seem appealing at first, but the value of a correct installation by a quality sunroom installer will long outweigh the savings of a subpar installation.

Sunroom Installation

Solar Innovations, Inc. completes sunroom installation within a 6 hour traveling distance from our facility in Pine Grove, Pennsylvania. Solar Innovations, Inc. can provide a nationwide network of certified dealers and installers when customers are located outside this radius. When working with a Solar Innovations, Inc. installation crew or recommended agent, customers can rest assured that these individuals have successfully worked with these products on countless occasions in the past. Solar Innovations, inc. is registered for installation services in over 20 states.

If you would like to discuss Solar Innovations, Inc.’s sunroom installation services with one of our knowledgable representatives, please contact Solar Innovations, Inc. at 800-618-0669 or


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