Skylight Services

Solar Innovations, Inc. offers various skylight services, such as basic service work, skylight installation, skylight replacement, and skylight restoration. Information on these services can be found in the tabs below. If you would like further information or to speak with a Solar Innovations, Inc.’s representative, contact us today at 800-618-0669 or

Skylight Service

Skylights are a practical and aesthetically pleasing addition to any home; as they are not only a design element, but they also filter natural daylight into a home. Unfortunately, a leaking skylight can present a home owner with major problems, damaging floors, walls, and décor.

Skylight Service Work
Skylight During Service WorkSkylight After Service Work
Skylight InstallationThe skylight service work required can be as simple as clearing weep holes. Water can back up if dirt or debris have clogged the weep holes, and a leak may occur if the water has nowhere to escape. Leaks can also stem from cracked glass or a compromised frame. Solar Innovations, Inc.’s skylight technicians will work to identify the cause of the leak and develop a solution. Because of Solar’s 15 years of experience in the glazing field, we are able to provide skylight service to units both manufactured by Solar Innovations, Inc. and those produced by other manufacturers. Other issues, such as broken motors in operable skylights can be serviced by Solar Innovations, Inc.’s team members. Skylight motors can malfunction, because they are often exposed to harsh elements. If you would like to discuss a skylight service project with your Solar Innovations, Inc. representative, please contact us at 800-618-0660 or Providing photographs for reference is appreciated when contacting us about service work, and they can help our staff to diagnose your issues with greater ease.

Skylight Restoration

Historic skylights traditionally possess prominent architectural appeal. The fine detail work of these skylights was used to showcase the workmanship of the master craftsmen who constructed them. Unfortunately, most of these skylights were constructed of wood, which tends to rot after decades of exposure to the elements. Solar Innovations, Inc. offers skylight restoration services.

Skylight Restoration
Skylight Restoration After
Skylight Before RestorationSkylight After Restoration

Solar Innovations, Inc.’s in-house team of engineers and designers will work to restore your skylight and keep the skylight as similar to the original aesthetics as possible. Your restored skylight will be manufactured in Pine Grove, Pennsylvania from the highest quality, long lasting materials. Solar Innovations, Inc.’s framing is constructed from durable aluminum that will not rust, rot, or require constant finish maintenance. Customers will also receive the added benefits of energy efficient double and triple pane glass with LowE coatings in their skylight.

Owners of skylights that were glazed with polycarbonate 20 or 30 years ago may also benefit from skylight restoration services. The aging polycarbonate may have become brittle or yellowed from exposure to the elements over the years. If this is the case, both the structure and aesthetic benefits of your skylight may have been compromised. Solar Innovations, Inc. works extensively with polycarbonate, even offering daylighting systems featuring Lumira Nanogel and can provide a solution to restore your polycarbonate skylight to its former glory.

To discuss skylight restoration options, contact your Solar Innovations, Inc. representative today at 800-618-0669 or Providing photographs of the unit(s) you are feel are in need of skylight restoration services are greatly appreciated.

Skylight Replacement

Broken or leaky skylights not only detract from a building’s attractiveness, but can also pose as a liability. Aging skylights with frames made of steel or wood have a tendency to deteriorate over time. Skylights can become unsightly and, in some cases, a safety hazard when they rot and rust.

Skylight Restoration
Skylight Replacement Services

A skylight’s frame is often in good shape, but the glass falls victim to the various issues that arise from years of weather exposure. High winds and moisture can cause condensation during temperature changes when the seal of aged glass breaks; leading to a “foggy” appearance. Rains may also begin to penetrate the roof and threaten interior furnishings. The skylight may only require a glass replacement in these cases. Solar Innovations, Inc. uses tempered glass for safety purposes when re-glazing a skylight and double or triple pane glass that features LowE coatings for energy efficiency.

An aging motor, like other aspects of skylights, can also fail over time. Solar Innovations, Inc. can provide trouble shooting advice and replacement units when a motor begins to jam or simply stop to restore the skylight’s mobility.

A replacement unit can be provided if Solar Innovations, Inc.’s skylight replacement experts determine a skylight is a complete state of disrepair, any opening, size, or configuration requirement can be met because of the custom nature of Solar Innovations, Inc.’s skylights. The replacement skylight can mimic the original design or feature upgrades, such as venting and shading systems.

If you are considering a skylight replacement, please contact a knowledgeable Solar Innovations, Inc. representative today at 800-618-0669. Providing pictures of the your failing skylight will greatly assist our team of skylight experts in determining the best course of action to take.

Skylight Installation

Both new and retrofit units will require skylight installation services. Solar Innovations, Inc.’s team of skylight installation experts is capable of installation within a 6 hours radius of our Pine Grove, Pennsylvania facility. Solar can also connect customers with our network of certified dealers and installers if the skylight installation request is located outside of our install travel radius.

 Skylight Installation Services
Skylight During Installation by Solar Innovations, Inc.

This is especially beneficial when installing a skylight manufactured by Solar Innovations, Inc. Factory direct installation ensures that experts will be installing your product, which allows customers to ease their minds. Solar Innovations, Inc. highly discourages the use of “cut-rate” contractors for skylight installation, as knowledge and experience is vital when dealing with glazed structures.

Finished Skylight Installation
Skylight after Solar Innovations, Inc. Skylight Installation Services

Installation crews can also provide skylight replacement and skylight restoration services. If a skylight requires a new motor or replacement glass our skilled skylight installation experts can accurately perform this maintenance.

If you would like to speak with a Solar Innovations, Inc. representative about your potential skylight installation, please contact us today at 800-618-0669 or


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