After going through the custom design process, Solar Innovations, Inc. prefabricates and assembles each structure in our manufacturing facility before delivery.

The extra care taken during our fabrication process ensures minimal field alterations and seamless installation. These extra steps result in a product that is easier and less time consuming to install.

Solar Innovations, Inc. Installation


Our products are typically delivered on our own trucks within a six hour radius of Pine Grove, PA. Structures shipped via common carrier are packaged in wooden crates to minimize any chance of damage.


Most structures that are delivered within a six hour radius of Pine Grove, PA, are installed by Solar Innovations, Inc. own factory direct install crews. Solar Innovations, Inc. can partner with a dealer in your area, depending on availability, if your installation is more than six hours away. Another installation option is locating your own glazier or contractor. Crew supervisors may be available to oversee installations not completed by a Solar Innovations, Inc. installation crew. Please speak with a Solar Innovations, Inc. representative to learn more.

Pre-installation Site Preparation

Solar Innovations, Inc. Pre-Installation

Staging plays an important role in the installation of a project. Discussing and correctly planning the required staging needed at the job site can help eliminate any potential problems or delays. Solar Innovations, Inc. does not generally take scaffolding for installations; the requirement for scaffolding to access the installation site are usually discussed with the general contractor or homeowner. Most homeowners will expect the installer or dealer to provide all needed equipment, making it important to clearly note in the contract what is and isn’t going to be provided by that party.

Solar Innovations, Inc. Pre-fabrication Substrates are also vital when it comes to site preparation. All substrates that the unit will sit on, next to, or over, must be noted. Specific attachment and isolation requirements are needed for various materials. The use of pressure treated wood to square, plumb, and level a foundation is very common. Today, pressure treated woods contain copper which will have a reaction with aluminum. If the unit is sitting on masonry, there will also be a reaction. In both cases, plastic shims, an ice and water shield, or building paper will protect against any reaction with the metal. Proper fasteners must be used in both substrates; the manufacturer should be contacted for recommendations.

Solar Innovations, Inc. will provide color matched interior and exterior flashing to tie the unit into the existing structure. Minimizing the exterior of flat sill flashing reduces the chance of damage during construction; also, ice and snow will not sit on the flashing. For perimeter wall flashing, determine the plane of jamb filler which is 3/8 of an inch from the unit’s overall width and height. This will allow the flashing to be tied into the system utilizing compression of the glazing bar cap. In order to make certain everything is ready for installation, 72 hours prior to the start of installation, request site photos to verify that all preparatory work regarding pack outs, staging, and other items are completed. Generally this rule of thumb is for contractors, but frequently a homeowner will have their own contractor do the preparation work. An up to date photo can assist in any last minute issues prior to a crew arriving on the job site.

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