Greenhouse Services

Solar Innovations, Inc. offers various Greenhouse services, such as basic service work, greenhouse installation, greenhouse replacement, and greenhouse restoration. Information on these services can be found in the tabs below. If you would like further information or to speak with a Solar Innovations, Inc.’s representative, contact us today at 800-618-0669 or

Servicing Your Greenhouse Needs

Older greenhouses often require service work. An aging greenhouse’s framing and glazing can become problematic if not properly maintained. Solar Innovations, Inc. can provide the greenhouse owners with the services needed to bring any greenhouse back to its former glory.

Greenhouse Service
Before Solar Innovations, Inc.’s Greenhouse Service

Greenhouse services can also be provided for new structures that require minimal servicing. Issues like broken hardware, doors not closing properly, and faulty motors can easily be addressed by Solar Innovations, Inc.’s greenhouse service representatives.

Solar Innovations, Inc. can provide service work to motorized greenhouse ventilation. Various complications can result when motors are left exposed to the elements for years with proper service. Solar Innovations, Inc. can provide proper service to these motors and provide alternative or replacement options if necessary. Greenhouses can become unbearable for both plants and people if proper ventilation is not provided.

Neglected greenhouse windows can also require various forms of service. Greenhouse windows can become stuck, operable hardware can break, and screens can fall into disrepair. Solar Innovations, Inc. offers various solutions for broken windows, ranging from service work to full replacement.

Solar Innovations, Inc.’s team of on-site experts can provide a solution for whatever greenhouse service issues may befall your structure. Your Solar Innovations, Inc. representative will work with you to diagnose the issue and find the proper greenhouse service solution for you. Contact us today at 800-618-0669 or

Greenhouse Restoration

Antique greenhouses often require restoration services. Countless greenhouses have been installed throughout the world over the past 100 years. These greenhouses often fall into a state of disrepair. These greenhouses may possess problems ranging from broken or missing glass to foggy glass that is slipping out of the framing. Allow Solar Innovations, Inc.’s greenhouse restoration services to restore these structures to their former glory instead of removing them.

Greenhouse Restoration
After Solar Innovations, Inc.’s Greenhouse Restoration
Greenhouse Restoration
Before Solar Innovations, Inc.’s
Greenhouse Restoration

Even antique greenhouses that remain standing with all of their glass in place can benefit from Solar Innovations, Inc.’s greenhouse restoration services. These greenhouses often employ single pane glass which is extremely inefficient. Temperatures will soar in the summer, and during the winter the greenhouse will be uninhabitable. Solar Innovations, Inc. can re-glaze the structure during the greenhouse restoration process. Solar Innovations, Inc. can even salvage the existing frame in some cases and provide energy efficient replacement glass.

Solar Innovations, Inc. can also provide doors and windows that possess the proper historic aesthetic to match your structure. Solar Innovations, Inc. is able to achieve a historic look while providing energy efficiency and durability.

While greenhouse restoration is often used to bring a historic greenhouse back to its former glory, the addition of modern amenities (like heating and cooling) can provide owners with added functionality. The addition of a heating or cooling system, environmental control system, or replacement decorative elements will allow end users to enjoy their historic greenhouse with the enhanced functionality provided by modern options.

Solar Innovations, Inc. offers a framing unit known as the “restoration” system. This framing system features a profile that mimics historic greenhouse designers. The framing system is manufactured from maintenance-free, durable aluminum and provides an antique aesthetic. This system is perfect for greenhouse restoration or can be used to construct a new structure with historic appeal.

Whether you will be undertaking a complete greenhouse restoration or simply restoring select aspects of an existing structure, please contact a Solar Innovations, Inc. representative at 800-618-0669 or

Greenhouse Replacement

The first question you should ask when you begin researching your potential greenhouse replacement is, “Will I be replacing the entire unit or just replacing parts of the greenhouse?” Solar Innovations, Inc. provides replacement parts for greenhouse and full greenhouse replacement when necessary.

Greenhouse Replacement
Before Solar Innovations, Inc.’s Greenhouse Replacement

A full greenhouse may be required if metal is bent and glass is broken beyond the point of repair. The new greenhouse can be manufactured to meet the same specifications as the previous structure or can be redesigned to provide an improved layout.

Greenhouse Replacement
After Solar Innovations, Inc.’s
Greenhouse Replacement

Antique greenhouses that once provided a stately and grand appearance can become an eyesore if they are not properly maintained. When these greenhouses fall into such states of disrepair, they can be demolished and replaced with a new unit. Solar Innovations, Inc.’s greenhouse replacement experts can replicate the historic appearance of previous structure or provide a greenhouse with an updated modern look if the customer desires.

Aging greenhouses were typically outfitted with benches made from wood or steel. These greenhouse benches rot or rust over time. Solar Innovations, Inc. offers replacement benches made with aluminum framing that will not rot, rust, or warp when exposed to water or temperature changes.

The humid interior environment of a greenhouse tends to take a toll on components if not properly maintained. These components receive prolonged exposure to sunlight, water, humidity, and dirt, often causing the products to break down or not perform to their desired potential. Solar Innovations, Inc. can provide replacement heaters, coolers, and foggers that may have stopped working or are producing inefficient results.

Shading is also an important element in most greenhouses. Replacement may be necessary if proper care wasn’t taken when selecting or installing a greenhouse’s shade system. Solar Innovations, Inc. offers wide variety of operable and fixed shading options for greenhouses.

Whether you will be undertaking a complete greenhouse replacement or simply replacing a few panes of glass, contact a Solar Innovations, Inc. representative today at 800-618-0669 or to discuss your project.

100 Year Old Greenhouse - Glass Replacement
Glass Replacement on a 100 year old Greenhouse by Solar Innovations, Inc.

Greenhouse Installation

One of the most important aspects consider when purchasing a greenhouse is the product’s installation. Solar Innovations, Inc. has over 15 years of experience as an industry leader in the greenhouse installation field. Our greenhouse installation experts have installed products varying from small residential greenhouses to large institutional greenhouses.

Greenhouse Installation
Interior Greenhouse Installation
After Solar Innovations, Inc.’s
Greenhouse Installation

Solar Innovations, Inc. will perform greenhouse installation services within a 6 hour travel radius of Pine Grove, Pennsylvania. Solar Innovations, Inc. can provide customers with a list of certified dealers and preferred installers in your area. When purchasing a Solar Innovations, Inc. greenhouse, a factory direct installation can eliminate any obstacles in the installation process. Our knowledgeable greenhouse installation team is trained in the correct protocols to ensure the accurate installation of your structure.

Solar Innovations, Inc. can also assist in the installation of replacement parts for other manufacturers’ greenhouses. For example, if a pane of glass breaks in your greenhouse, but the manufacturer went out of business in the 1970’s; Solar Innovations, Inc. is often able to source the replacement glass and complete the installation.

If you have a fairly new greenhouse, but it overheats in the summer, Solar Innovations, Inc.’s greenhouse installation services could also be of benefit to you. One of our shade systems can be retrofitted to match your greenhouse’s framing to help resolve the issue. Not only does Solar Innovations, Inc. provide a wide variety of shade options, but our skilled team can also provide the installation.

The structure is just the first step when purchasing a greenhouse. Our team of greenhouse installation experts can also install the necessary accessories to allow your plants to thrive year round. The addition of an environmental control system allows customers to automate watering, heating, cooling, and humidification within the greenhouse. These systems can be included in the installation of your Solar Innovations, Inc.’s greenhouse or retrofitted to be installed in your existing structure.

Greenhouse Exterior Installation
Solar Innovations, Inc. Greenhouse Pictured During Installation Process

Solar Innovations, Inc.’s greenhouse installation experts can provide the proper solution for customers who wish to have a newly installed greenhouse or simply improve their existing structure. For more information on Solar Innovations, Inc.’s greenhouse installation services contact us today at 800-618-0669 or


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