Folding Glass Wall Services

Solar Innovations, Inc. offers various Folding Glass Wall services, such as basic service work, folding glass wall installation, folding glass wall replacement, and folding glass wall restoration. Information on these services can be found in the tabs below. If you would like further information or to speak with a Solar Innovations, Inc.’s representative, contact us today at 800-618-0669 or

Folding Glass Wall Service

The wear and tear placed on operable doors, such as folding glass walls, can take its toll on products. Solar Innovations, Inc.’s team of specialists can confidently supply expert folding glass wall service work.

Folding Glass Wall ServiceFolding Glass Wall Services
Solar Innovations, Inc. Provides Folding Glass Wall Service Work

The unit may require service if a folding glass wall suffers an impact or is subject to abrasions. Commercial folding glass walls tend be subjected to a high rate of operation, and the sills receive a high volume of foot traffic. Residential units may also require folding glass wall service work when the doors suffer unexpected impacts or foreign objects are wedged into sill tracks.

Gaskets may need to be replaced if they become dislodged or dry rotted in aging doors. Some folding glass walls are set into place with flush bolts, which have the potential to jamb or become stuck if the doors are not operated properly or proper maintenance is not performed. Solar Innovations, Inc.’s folding glass wall service experts can easily replace flush bolts and gasket, restoring the door’s original operation.

Hardware issues may also occur in an aging folding glass wall  if the handle is subjected to harsh elements over time. They may become warped or skewed and require replacement if they are not properly cared for. Door closers may also require service work if their functionality becomes compromised.

If you are in need of folding glass wall service work, please contact a Solar Innovations, Inc. representative today at 800-618-0669 or We ask customers to provide photographs of issues to expedite folding glass wall service and trouble shooting.

Folding Glass Wall Restoration

Restoration does not only apply to antiques or extremely old units. Modern systems such as folding glass walls can need restoration as well. The glass in a folding glass wall will need restoration work if it has become damaged, leaky, or fogged. Old folding glass wall units can benefit from the addition of insulated glass. Grids can be added or mimicked to provide a historic appearance in older units.

Exterior Folding Glass Wall RestorationFolding Glass Wall Restoration
Folding Glass Wall Restoration ExteriorFolding Glass Wall Restoration Interior

Constant foot traffic may eventually cause damage to a commercial folding glass wall’s door panels. The bottom of the door may become dented or the finish may become worn over time. The addition of a kick plate during your folding glass wall restoration will remedy this situation.

If the building your folding glass wall has been installed into is undergoing a renovation, the unit may no longer fit the building’s updated style. Portions of the door can be altered during the folding glass wall restoration to fit the building’s new appearance. Hardware, grids, glazing, and finishes can be altered so the folding glass wall suits its surroundings.

Aging folding glass wall units sometimes employ wooden base panels beneath their glass. These rotted panels can be removed during restoration and replaced with an aluminum panel and can even feature grid work to provide a historic aesthetic.

If you would like to further discuss the restoration of your folding glass wall, please contact a Solar Innovations, Inc. representative at 800-618-0669 or Proving your representative with photographs of the issue will greatly expedite the folding glass wall restoration process.

Folding Glass Wall Replacement

Components of a folding glass wall can break, chip, or shatter if proper care is not taken. Fortunately, Solar Innovations, Inc.’s team of experts can easily perform folding glass wall replacement services. Solar representatives can work with customers to properly size a piece of replacement glass or perform a complete replacement of the unit. Energy efficiency will be greatly boosted when replacing glass in a folding glass wall. Solar Innovations, Inc. uses glass that features stainless steel spaces, LowE tints, and even warranty options up to 20 years in most circumstances.

Folding Glass Wall Replacment After
Folding Glass Walls Before RestorationFolding Glass Walls After Restoration

Hardware associated with a folding glass wall can break or require replacement if proper planning was not taken against the elements and environment; these handle may skew or even suffer rust in coastal areas. Solar Innovations, Inc. offers replacement handles with stainless steel options that will withstand harsh coastal environments. Aging flush bolts and trolleys can be removed and replaced with new durable parts.

If you have purchased a home that possesses an “ancient” folding glass wall, the glass may be foggy and the handles may not work properly. There is also a good chance sections of the frame are rotting if the door is made of wood. If this is the case, the door is most likely beyond restoration and it would be more cost effective to perform a complete folding glass wall replacement.

Solar Innovations, Inc.’s in-house team of designers and engineers will work to provide you with the ideal folding glass wall for your opening. To speak with a Solar Innovations, Inc. representative about a folding glass wall replacement, please contact us today at 800-618-0669 or

Folding Glass Wall Installation

Folding glass wall installation can consist of many individual parts or entire units. Solar Innovations, Inc. recommends using an experienced installer, because these units require delicate precession and expertise to properly install. Team members can complete the folding glass wall installation, within a 6 hour radius of Pine Grove, Pennsylvania when an entire unit is purchased factory direct from Solar Innovations, Inc or if a unit is purchased through a dealer who does not provide service work.

Folding Glass Walls during Installation
Folding Glass Wall Installation in ProgressFolding Glass Walls after Installation services

Outside of this radius, Solar can provide customers with certified dealer and installers to complete their installation.  When choosing a direct installation, the customer can be assured the technicians completing the installation are expertly trained to install Solar’s products.

If you have questions regarding folding glass wall installation, feel free to contact your Solar Innovations, Inc. representative today at 800-618-0669 or Providing job site photos of the unit’s perspective opening will allow our representative to more accurately assess your situation.


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