Multi-bay Retractable Skylights

Multi-bay retractable skylights are a specialty operable skylight manufactured by Solar Innovations, Inc.  These skylights are incorporated into roofs and allow fresh air to permeate a room. This type of skylight consists of multiple bays that retract and stack upward. These skylights are also referred to as telescoping skylights. When in the open position, the skylight has one fixed piece of glass and provides an unobstructed large opening.

Day lighting and ventilation are typically the primary reasons for installing a multi-bay retractable skylight on a home or business. When the skylight opens, fresh air enters the space. Multi-bay retractable skylights can be installed in a glass roof or in a traditional construction roof. A glass roof installation is common when adding the skylights to pool houses, pool enclosures, greenhouses, sunrooms, or conservatories. Screens can be added to retractable skylights to keep insects out of the building.

Rain sensors can also be installed on a multi-bay retractable skylight. When it begins to rain, a sensor detects the moisture and automatically closes the skylight. Stargazing with a telescope is simple with the use of a retractable roof. Opening the skylight creates an unobstructed view of the night sky, and there is plenty of space for the telescope to expand.  The multi-bay retractable skylight utilizes a built-in motor with breaks. This type of motor prevents the skylight from sliding backwards once the unit is closed.

Sizes: Typically 15’-0” on diagonal and 5’-0” x 7’-0” individual panel size, depending on glass selection.  Maximum weight is 750lbs.

Diagonal15′ 0″
Individual Panel Size5′ 0″ x 7′ 0″
Maximum Weight750 lbs.
Individual panel sizes is dependent upon glass selection.

All retractable skylights produced by Solar Innovations® are made out of thermally enhanced aluminum.  By using an aluminum frame, the majority of maintenance work is removed.  There is no yearly painting or sanding of the framing, and the bars will not expand and contract with hot and cold temperatures like a wooden system.  The aluminum provides a very low maintenance unit.

There are numerous kinds of glazing options for this skylight.  Laminated glass is used for safety, but numerous tints, such as LowE tints can be used as well.  Polycarbonate can be used in place of glass for a lighter weight option.  If the skylight is closed and polycarbonate is used, Lumira infill is a suggested option.  Lumira is a fill that goes in-between the polycarbonate channels.  By using this infill, the natural lighting of the room greatly increases.  Glass disperses light only 3%, whereas the Lumira infill disperses light up to 97%.  This dispersion creates a soft, uniform light spectrum with no glares and harsh shadows.

The multi-bay retractable skylight has been factory tested for water, and units obtain a minimum of 12 psf on typical configurations.  With a proper weep pan design, water performance can exceed 20 psf.  These values show that the unit is water tight, therefore, leaking will not be an issue when properly installed.  The skylight also has air, water, and thermal performances, based on operation and design.  To discuss testing values or an upcoming project, feel free to call 800-618-0669 and ask to speak with sales.

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