Mulled Window and Door System

Mulled Window and Door System
Mullded Window SystemsMullded Window and Door SystemsMullded Window Systems

All your windows and doors, contained in one mulled window unit

Many applications, both residential and commercial, utilize doors, windows, and curtain walls in a single unit. There are many limitations, restrictions, and sizes that produce results that look uniform, but lack quality. Solar Innovations, Inc. offers a window and door system that combats these issues and provides customers with a well designed, quality product.

The Mulled Window and Door System has been designed to maximize flexibility by joining a series of operable windows and swing doors to create one cohesive system without additional rafters or framing, while maintaining consistent, minimally interrupted site lines. Solar Innovations, Inc. is proud to manufacture one of the most flexible window wall systems available in the industry today.

Flexibility is one of the distinguishing factors of any Solar Innovations, Inc. product.  This system allows end users to make unique selections and provides flexibility in design by integrating awning, casement, hopper, fixed, Tilt Turn, and egress windows (depending on local code) all within the same unit. These systems create a modern, sleek, customizable option for any project.

Solar Innovations, Inc.’s mulled window system allows the combination of as many doors and windows as desired, without the need for additional framing. Units typically stay below 12’ in height, but can be as wide as the customer desires. The 4-inch site line system creates a modern, sleek, and customizable option for any project. Single terrace doors and French doors are capable of integration into the same system.

Another exclusive feature Solar Innovations, Inc. provides to customers is the ability to select both in-swing or out-swing windows within the same system, unlike many competitors’ systems which can accommodate only one option. In-swing and out-swing terrace doors, with ADA compliant sills, can be built into the window system.  Fixed transoms can also be added to these systems over both windows and terrace doors.  This level of customization allows designers to create a unique system for any application.

Solar Innovations, Inc. has obtained Energy Star product approval for it’s mulled window system as it provides superior thermal performance, in part due to the integrated insulbar technology.  Initial testing of the Mulled Window and Door System with 1″ to 1 1/2″ inch insulated, triple-pane, low-E glass provided a U-value of .34 and a solar heat gain coefficient of .25, much better performance than a traditional, dual-pane window.

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All Solar Innovations, Inc.’s products are constructed out of durable, thermally enhanced aluminum, which will not rot, rust, warp, or require constant finish maintenance. The mulled window system is available in seven standard finishes. Two anodized finishes, and custom colors are available, for an additional fee. Solar Innovations, Inc. is also able to source nearly any glass on the market including LowE, decorative, laminated, and tinted glass options, which helps to control performance, light transmittance, and overall project design.

The knowledgeable staff at Solar Innovations, Inc. can work with contractors and architects to facilitate proper installation, no matter where the project is located. Please call Solar Innovations, Inc. at 800-619-0743 to talk to a customer service representative or e-mail

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