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Bigger Panels that Function with Ease

Folding glass walls have been a signature product of Solar Innovations, Inc. since their introduction to the industry in 1998. The unique qualities Solar Innovations, Inc.’s folding glass walls currently possess have made them an industry leader, but Solar looks to exceed expectations with the release of the new SI30000 Monster Wall™ System.

At first glance, Solar Innovations, Inc.’s SI33000 Monster Wall ™ System shares its appearance with the previous SI3300 system.  The difference is Solar Innovations, Inc.’s ability to manufacture even larger panels that operate with greater ease and the utilization of this system for several functions: folding, sliding, swinging, and stacking.  The SI33000 Monster Wall™ System accommodates impact panels up to (3½’ x 10′); larger panels may be possible (up to 16′ or larger), depending upon engineering criteria.

The enhancements in the SI33000 panel are all within the frame, which is now three inches deep and uses dual wheel trolleys. Heavier panels are possible with the trolley, which has wheels on both sides. The trolley and dual wheel design make each panel feel significantly lighter than its actual weight, despite the panel’s size.

If a customer has an existing folding glass wall system and wants to add a new, larger unit, Solar Innovations, Inc. has designed the SI33000 system’s head and sill to accommodate both the SI3000 and SI33000 panel frame. The same site lines can be maintained on all units, while accommodating the larger panels and additional weight.

The system can consist of any number of panels from two to twenty, depending on the project’s plans and specifications. The folding glass wall system is available with in-fold or out-fold configurations and with individual operable panels. Matching site lines are available for transoms, sidelites, pivot, and French or terrace doors from the SI33000 framework, creating a seamless transition across the wall.

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Solar Innovations, Inc. currently has the largest impact certified folding doors at 3½ foot by 9½ foot and 3 foot by 10 foot. Testing is of great importance to Solar Innovations, Inc.; a third party is used to validate products and ensure customers that they are getting the highest quality Solar products. Monster Wall System performance pending – Monster Wall Systems require engineering review

If you would like information on Solar Innovations, Inc.’s SI30000 Monster Wall™ System or are interested in receiving an updated brochure, please contact the marketing department at or call 800-618-0669.

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