Interior Partition Applications

Solar Innovations, Inc. offers a line of operable door products suited for interior applications: folding, sliding, stacking, clear wall, terrace doors, fixed curtain walls, and sidelights.

Commercial Interior Door Applications

Interior doors are typically used as room dividers to create separate spaces. In a commercial setting,  an operable wall may be used to divide a conference room. When the panels are closed, the transfer of sound is greatly reduced between the two rooms. If additional space is needed, the wall can be opened to accommodate guests, tables, seating, or storage.

Operable walls can be placed in succession to create a showroom with unobstructed views like those created by traditional plaster walls.

Sliding, stacking, or folding walls can join together at a 90 degree corner which requires no post. These “no post corner” systems are ideal for areas that sometimes require a temporary division of space within a preexisting room. Common applications include ecclesiastical nurseries, wine storage cellars, and conference rooms for additional privacy. These rooms can feature acid etched glass. Single swing door panels can be included in the design for easy access.

Interior walls and doors can be used to create air lock entry ways. After proceeding through the main entrance, visitors will pass through a second set of French doors that can be glazed into an operable wall or curtain wall. This second glazed partition acts as an air lock and keeps the interior temperature stable.

Interior wood curtain wall

Residential Interior Door Applications

Operable walls and door also serve residential purposes. The addition of an operable folding wall or sliding doors can create a home office or walk-in closet. Curtain walls with operable French or terrace doors can separate kitchens, laundry rooms, garages, or patio spaces.

The use of etched glass can easily disguise clutter that may build up in laundry or storage areas. Pocket sliding doors save space, and when combined with privacy glass, they add a unique and modern feel to a bedroom or bathroom entrance.

The use of glass partitions instead of a conventional constructed wall provides home owners with comparable flexibility. Operable walls can collapse to create additional storage, living space, or to increase mobility. The addition of glazed products also allows light transmittance to adjoining rooms, decreasing the need for lighting fixtures.

Interior Partition Options

Interior partitions are constructed out of low maintenance aluminum framework, just like Solar Innovations, Inc.’s exterior products. Non-thermal framing is used for indoor products, but if the wall is being exposed to the elements, a thermal product can be offered to protect against the transfer of temperatures.

Single pane, monolithic glass is generally used for interior partitions, as they do not require the insulation of double pane glass. Textured glass, privacy glass, satin or acid etched, and decorative glazing can be used to provide privacy or make an aesthetic statement. By using a non-thermal frame and monolithic glass, costs can be controlled, as well.

Polycarbonate is an alternative to glass and a glazing selection available for use in all Solar Innovations, Inc. systems. Not only is polycarbonate light weight and durable, it can sometimes be a more economical option than glass. The addition of Lumira Aerorgel® polycarbonate fill provides interior partitions with increased acoustical performance and light diffusion.

Stainless Steel, copper, or anodized frame finishes can be used to establish a contemporary feel. Wood veneers can be applied to interior partitions to provide homeowners with a warm traditional feel. Solar Innovations, Inc. offers six standard pane finishes and two anodized finishes.

Custom colors are available in either liquid paint or powder coat finishes for an additional charge. Grids can be applied in any pattern if customers wish to add a traditional aesthetic flair to their glazed unit. Base panels and wood options are also available.

If you would like to discuss an interior partition project, please contact your Solar Innovations, Inc. representative by calling 800-618-0669 or

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