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If you are looking to buy a greenhouse, build a greenhouse, or are in search of a greenhouse manufacturer, consider Solar Innovations, Inc. your greenhouse expert. At this point, your window sills are more than likely overflowing, and you are ready to take your gardening to the next level, or perhaps your small home greenhouse needs room to expand; Solar Innovations, Inc. has solutions to both dilemmas.

Greenhouses by Solar Innovations, Inc. can be designed to any specification you would like, no two products are the same. Every greenhouse which leaves the factory are completely custom. If you are looking for a small scale lean-to greenhouse or a large passive solar greenhouse, Solar Innovations, Inc. can create the perfect greenhouse for you. Our design team can work with you on your wants and needs and recommend suggestions to help ensure you have a properly functioning greenhouse.

Every greenhouse Solar Innovations, Inc. manufactures is constructed out of durable aluminum. This means the frame will not rot, warp, rust or require constant finish maintenance. The aluminum is an excellent choice for greenhouses and will last for years to come. Snow, wind, hail, and rain do not typically cause damage to the frame’s exterior. There are eight standard colors available, along with any custom color you may require.

Tree Barn Greenhouse

Wooden greenhouses require much more upkeep as compared to an aluminum frame, but at times people still want a wooden greenhouse, and Solar Innovations, Inc. can provide this greenhouse as well. Our wooden greenhouses will be constructed out of your choice of hardwood, including teak, mahogany, or cedar. The wood is treated to withstand moisture but will need upkeep in the coming years. Glass and polycarbonate are the two choices used for greenhouse growing. Please visit the above link, Selecting Your Greenhouse, to learn more specific details about our frames and glazing. The main greenhouse page further explains the benefits of polycarbonate and glass.

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A great benefit of a Solar Innovations, Inc. greenhouse is the ability to complete a turn-key project. You do not have to shop elsewhere hoping to find the right accessories and crossing your fingers they will fit into your new greenhouse. Solar Innovations, Inc. offers a complete line of greenhouse accessories. Solar’s greenhouse design team recommends the use of windows, ridge vents, and a fan as minimum requirements for all greenhouses to help minimize greenhouse heat and promote ventilation. Each of these items can be purchased from Solar Innovations, Inc., more advanced accessories, such as shading systems and a wide variety of greenhouse benches, are also available.

Many times a customer is looking for a greenhouse that is more than just the “run-of-the-mill” greenhouse. Here again, Solar Innovations, Inc. can deliver the ideal product. Our collection has the largest selection of extruded aluminum decorative elements available in the industry. Your greenhouse can morph into a conservatory greenhouse. Grids can be added to the windows in the same color or a contrasting the frame to add visual interest. The grids are available in different styles and numerous patterns. Decorative raised base panels can take the place of a stone or brick base wall. By eliminating the stone or brick, you decrease the dust and dirt in the greenhouse. Other advanced decorative options are available.

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If you already have a greenhouse with broken panes of glass, non-functioning ridge vents, or any other ailments, Solar Innovations, Inc. can help repair your greenhouse even if it was manufactured by another company. Our installation crew can come to your home and, in most cases, repair and restore your faulty item. Perhaps you have a greenhouse that is beyond repair, and you need a new one, Solar Innovations, Inc. can design a new greenhouse, remove the old one, and install your most recent greenhouse. Other people like to buy, based on the scope of your project, “do-it-yourself  installation kits” where the greenhouse is purchased factory direct, and you complete your own installation. No matter what level of involvement or greenhouse style you are looking to purchase, Solar Innovations, Inc. has options to fit your needs.

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We will be happy to assist you or answer any questions. Please call 800-618-0669 or e-mail us at

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