Educational Greenhouses

Wheaton Educational Greenhouse

Educational Greenhouses are tools for learning

Educational greenhouses are typically found on the campuses of colleges and universities. As popularity grows, many high schools and even primary schools have witnessed the addition of greenhouses to their locations.

Although educational greenhouses are typically found on the campuses of colleges and universities, high schools and primary schools are also beginning to understand the unique learning opportunities they can provide by adding a greenhouse to their campus. Many schools have completed the replacement of their aging greenhouses with Solar Innovations, Inc.’s high performance systems.

Greenhouses provide students a unique opportunity to study horticulture first hand. Universities often conduct studies on plant growth, pesticides, and genetics, while vocational schools may propagate plants for landscaping course work. Elementary schools often utilize greenhouses to expose students to starting seeds and raising butterflies.

Most schools choose to implement an environmental control system so that plants can receive proper care through automated processes, which saves time and energy.

F and M Educational GreenhouseAtlanta Int Educational Greenhouse
Franklin and Marshall College
Location: Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Dimensions:85′ L x 21′ W x 21′ H

This custom gambrel roof greenhouse is located on the campus of one of America’s oldest institutions of higher education, Franklin and Marshall College. The greenhouse is divided into six interior zones, each with independent configurations for the environmental control system, which automates all of the accessories located in the greenhouse. A darkroom has also been created within the structure to allow for experimentation.

Atlanta International School
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Dimensions: 21′ L x 8′ W x 13′ H
Educational GreenhousesYale Educational Greenhouses

Grosse Point School
Location: Grosse Point, Michigan
Dimensions: 13′ L x 18′ W x 12′ H

This restoration greenhouse is attached to a high school in Michigan. Solar Innovations, Inc. replicated the structure’s original curved eave, conservatory nose configuration using durable aluminum framing and high performance glazing.

Yale University
Location: New Haven, Connecticut
84′ L x 32′ W x 15′ H

This restoration greenhouse project was completed for Yale Universities, one of America’s oldest and most well respected institutions of higher educations. Solar Innovations, Inc. has completed multiple greenhouse projects for Yale throughout the years.


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