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When planning to construct greenhouses, the most important decision will be choosing what types of plants you wish to grow and during what seasons you wish to utilize your future growing environment.  These factors will help determine, at a basic level, the correct greenhouse environment for your project.  Each greenhouse and gardener is unique, so to help aid in the planning process for each project, Solar Innovations, Inc. has developed a website dedicated to the required planning process:  This informational tool will help you simplify the planning and purchasing process.  If you have more questions or need to determine if greenhouses are the correct growing environment for your project, please visit the informational page, “What is A Greenhouse”, that contains the history, the benefits, and more detail on greenhouses.

Greenhouses by Solar Innovations, Inc.
Commercial Greenhouses by Solar InnovationsResidential Greenhouse by Solar Innovations
Specialty Greenhouses by Solar Innovations, Inc.

Decorative Elements

Solar Innovations, Inc. manufactures the highest quality greenhouses custom designed and engineered to match individual customer’s needs.  Like all of Solar’s glass structures, they are built from durable aluminum framing and engineered to last a lifetime.  All the structures that Solar manufactures in the USA are designed as turn-key projects.  Whether growing plants is a hobby or a full time endeavor, Solar can help you design the proper stand alone or lean-to greenhouse, designed specifically for the individual needs of each customer.

Glazing Selections

Solar Innovations, Inc. provides many glazing options to meet the specific needs of each of the custom designed greenhouses we manufacture.  In addition to the decorative glazing options available, Solar offers many glass, acrylic, or polycarbonate options.  Polycarbonate tends to be less expensive, but glass is both more aesthetically pleasing and promotes better plant growth in greenhouses.

The style of greenhouses range from clean lined contemporary designs to classic Victorian styling, and each of these designs can be customized to fit any application. Both the backyard gardener and professional research horticulturists can find the right greenhouse configuration with Solar Innovations, Inc.  Every aspect can be completely customized to meet any size, shape, or color requirement.

Advantages of Solar Innovations, Inc.’s Greenhouses

  • Greenhouses that are completely manufactured in the United States of America. Solar Innovations, Inc’s products are manufactured in the U.S.A. at our facility in Pennsylvania. Customers are welcome to tour the facility and meet the estimator, project manager, and sales representative they are working with as well as tour Solar’s own specialty growing environments.
  • In-house professionals. Solar Innovations, Inc. has a team of in-house architects and engineers on staff. Greenhouses are engineered to allow high DP ratings and ensure their ability to withstand extreme circumstances. Solar Innovations, Inc. also provides greenhouse designers that will aid in the creation of your dream greenhouse.
  •  All greenhouses are custom manufactured. Solar Innovations, Inc.’s structures are not stored on shelves, waiting to be sold. All greenhouses are built to a customer’s exact specifications. Every aspect of a project can be customized, such as sizes, windows, doors, finishes, hardware, and configurations. Please contact your Solar Innovations, Inc. representative for additional information and guidance on purchasing greenhouses for your home or commercial location or click on the link below for additional information.

Specialty Greenhouses

Information on Specialty Greenhouses

Solar Innovations, Inc. offers a full line of specialty greenhouses designed for specific plants or purposes. Each configuration can be customized to fit your specific needs. A Solar Innovations, Inc. greenhouse expert will work with you to make sure your specialty greenhouse is suited for the environment you wish to create.

Greenhouses Manufactured with American Ingenuity and Innovation

English Greenhouse Competitorsvs. Solar’s American Innovations
English: Competing English greenhouse manufacturers leave their fasteners exposed.vs.Solar Innovations: Solar Innovations, Inc.’s fasteners are hidden behind a cap to provide our greenhouses with a more cohesive design.
English: Our English competitors’ greenhouse shades hang from the roof lines (leaving exposed pull chords) and do not directly attach to the framing.vs.Solar Innovations: Solar Innovations, Inc. greenhouse shades are directly attached to the roof line with no pull chords left exposed to provide a more visually appealing option.
Ridge Cresting
English: The ridge cresting attached to competing English greenhouse is flat and has a one dimensional appearance.vs.Solar Innovations: Solar Innovations, Inc.’s ridge cresting are textured and profiled to provide a three dimensional appearance that is far more substantial than the cresting found on our competitors’ greenhouses.
English: Many greenhouse competitors employ single pane glass that does not aid in energy efficiency.vs.Solar Innovations: Greenhouses by Solar Innovations, Inc. feature double and triple pane glass with stainless steel spacers. Tempered and/or laminated glass is also commonly found in Solar’s greenhouses. High performance LowE coatings can be applied to glazing, depending on location, orientation, and plant needs.
Door Closers and Door Hold-opens
English: Door closers and hold-opens are not common among our English greenhouse competitors. Owners of these greenhouses often have to prop their doors open with a brick or other heavy object.vs.Solar Innovations: Solar Innovations, Inc. offers door closers and door hold-opens that allow customers to easily pass through the doorways of our greenhouses. By not having to prop doors open, door frame finishes are protected from scratches.
English: Small window bays are common among our English greenhouse competitors. These small bays create shadows inside of greenhouses.vs.Solar Innovations: Solar Innovations, Inc. can integrate wider panes of glass into our greenhouses because we manufacture our own operable and fixed window systems.  These wider panes reduce the amount of shadows and shade inside the greenhouse to create optimal growing environments.
English: Traditional English greenhouses use wood framing which can eventually rot, require repainting, and be subject to regular finish maintenance.vs.Solar Innovations: Solar Innovations, Inc.’s greenhouses feature aluminum framing which will not rot, rust, or require constant finish maintenance.
English: English greenhouse competitors do not cover the finish on their stainless steel screws under their warranties. These exposed screws will eventually begin to chip and become an eyesore. Screws that are exposed to the elements can also often lose functionality.vs.Solar Innovations: The screws in Solar Innovations, Inc.’s greenhouses are hidden. Because the screws in our greenhouses are not visible, customers need not worry about their warranties and can rest assured that they will never become unsightly.
English: English greenhouse manufacturers are based in England, which does not experience extreme temperature fluctuations like we do in the United States. Because these greenhouses are designed with England’s climate in mind, they do not always perform as well in the US.vs.Solar Innovations: Solar Innovations, Inc.’s greenhouses are manufactured in America in our LEED Gold Certified facility located in Pine Grove, Pennsylvania. At Solar Innovations, Inc. we live and work with our products every day. With three greenhouses attached to our facility that are exposed to our climate’s extreme summer and winter weather fluctuations, we understand how to design greenhouses that will perform in the harshest environments.

If you have any questions or would like to speak with one of our greenhouse specialists,  please call 800-618-0669 or e-mail us at

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