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Fogging Systems

Fogging systems by Solar Innovations, Inc. provide a gentle hydration alternative for tropical plants and delicate greenery. A fogging system is related to a misting system but serves different purposes. A misting system dispenses large droplets of water into the atmosphere. The droplets will fall onto the plants where they sit until they evaporate. Damage may have occurred to the plant in the time it takes to evaporate, in cases such as orchids and African violets.

Our advanced fine-mist foggers range from small to mid-size and are perfectly suited for a wide range of cooling and humidification applications, including growing orchids and tropical plants. Compact, lightweight, and easy to install, these stand-alone units connect to a standard garden hose and do not require a high pressure pump or air supply line. These foggers blow a cool mist into the air through a special fan housing. When properly utilized, units fill automatically, have continuous running capabilities, and will not soak or over water the vegetation.

Red indicates the acceptable range of humidity percent. 

Several options to enhance our foggers 

  • Pre-wired humidistat that provides an ideal means of control, incorporating in a fast acting sensor element with an easy access control dial.
  • An oscillator which enables the fogger to move from side to side, covering a range of 60° to 360°.
  • Pre-wired thermostat control to automate your fogger.
  • Cycle timer control that will provide a way to maintain a high humidity environment. This control includes a watertight enclosure and four different cycle ranges.

High Pressure Fogging System

A lesser known alternative to a misting system is to utilize a high pressure fogging system. A high pressure system atomizes the water molecules in the air. The air instantly becomes cooler. The system is set to a pre-determined temperature or humidity. When the air becomes too hot or too humid, the fogging kicks in, and the water is dispersed. The fogging can be used for cooling purposes and in some cases is able to replace an evaporation cooler. The water that enters the air is dry. You can stand under the water and remain dry because of the atomization. To discuss a fogging unit for your greenhouse, please contact a Solar Innovations representative.


Models featured are subject to change.

SupplierDescriptionModel #Propulsion DistanceHeight WidthDepthWeight
JaybirdAquaFog Turbo
JaybirdAquaFog Turbo
JaybirdAquaFog Turbo
JaybirdAquaFog Turbo

Fogger Accessories

Models featured are subject to change.

SupplierDescriptionModel #UseRotation DegreeVoltsHZ
JaybirdTurbo Oscillator
Turns the fogger to reach more plants. Highly recommended to customers.4 to 36011560/50
JaybirdTurbo Oscillator4 to 36023060/50
JaybirdHumidistat ControlH2-120
When the humidity level drops to about 7% below the set point, the humidistat will activate to replenish the loss of humidityN/A11550
JaybirdHumidistat ControlN/A23050
Jaybird24-Hour Control
Controls the fogger’s valve releaseN/A11560Operate up to 2 units
Jaybird24-Hour ControlN/A23060Operate up to 2 units
JaybirdThermostat Control
Reads the temperature, activates foggers 3 degrees above and below the desired temperature.N/A11550Operate up to 1 units
JaybirdThermostat ControlN/A11550Operate up to 2 units
JaybirdThermostat ControlN/A23050Operate up to 2 units

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