Specialty Folding Glass Wall Configurations

Solar Innovations, Inc.’s  most common folding glass wall configurations are “All Wall” and “Split Wall”;  but, unlike many other manufacturers on the market, Solar offers folding glass walls and doors in custom configurations such as: segmented, center pivot, and no post corner.


Zoo Radius Folding Glass WallsCommercial Radius Folding Glass Wall
A segmented folding glass wall is a faceted system that can utilize either continuously hinged panels or hinged panel pairs, depending on configuration and performance requirements. Solar Innovations, Inc.’s segmented walls are available in impact certified designs, up to 3 ½’ x 10’, and larger in non-impact configurations. Stack wall and clear wall systems can also be designed with segmented configurations. Air and water performance are limited by the configuration.
Radius folding glass wall
Radius Folding Glass Wall InteriorRadius Interior Folding Glass Wall

Center Pivot

Customers often determine an out-fold style door would work well in the project’s design during the planning process; however, building codes may limit the space a door may occupy in the open position. Solar Innovations, Inc. has developed the center pivot door for this reason. This style of door allows the panels to be hung from a center pivot point, rather than an end, reducing the amount of space the doors will occupy and balancing it on both the interior and exterior of the door jamb. Panels can be continuously hinged or hinged in pairs to allow for segmented radius and corner designs. Air and water performance are limited by the configuration.
Center Pivot Folding Glass Wall Configurations
Marriot Center Pivot DoorsMarriot Center Pivot Folding Glass Walls

No Post Corner

No post Corner Folding Glass WallNo post Corner Folding Glass Wall Interior
The no post corner configuration allows for a truly unobstructed view, without a structural corner post. A no-post corner condition provides a panoramic view when opened. Solar Innovations, Inc. manufactures virtually any angle corner post, including impact related up to 3 ½’ x 10’ sizes. No post corners are available with either thermal or non-thermal framing and are available with most Solar Innovations, Inc. hardware and detail options. Sliding doors can be designed with a no post corner configuration as well. Air and water performance are limited by the configuration.
No Post Corner Configurations
Key of Terms Configurations
Exterior No Post Corner Folding Glass WallsNo Post Corner Folding Glass Walls
No Post Corner Commercial 135 degree No Post Corner
90 Degree No Post Corner135 Degree No Post Corner

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