English Greenhouses

English Greenhouses by Solar Innovations
English greenhouses trace their history back to 17th century England when  wealthy, aspiring botanists competed to construct the most elaborate structures possible. These early English greenhouses often required exuberant effort to close at night and winterize.  This “golden era” of greenhouses saw Victorian architectural influences become a staple of greenhouse design.
English Greenhouse Interior

Modern english greenhouses by Solar Innovations, Inc. are extremely use friendly, require little maintenance, and can be fully automated with an environmental control system.

As stewards of greenhouse history, and through the utilization of an in-house team of greenhouse designers and engineers, Solar Innovations, Inc. manufactures english greenhouses that adhere to the classic elegance set forth by their predecessors. These historically accurate greenhouses provide decorative appeal and become the focal point of any landscape.

Traditional english greenhouses were constructed of wood frames and single pane glass. Because of the climate and seasonal fluctuations in the United States, Solar Innovations, Inc. uses aluminum framing and insulated tempered or laminated glass in its english greenhouses. Aluminum is a durable material that will not rust, rot, or require constant finish maintenance.

Aluminum cast window grids, ridge cresting, finials, and molding can be added to projects to assure the same historic aesthetic is achieved without sacrificing durability. Even traditional english elements, such as rafters and Palladian arches, can be added to establish a classic english greenhouse.

English Greenhouse Decorative Accessories

Ridge CrestingCrestingFinialsFinials
Cresting consists of a repeated pattern that projects upward and runs the length of a roof line on gable roofs.Finial are also commonly referred to as spires. This decorative element is located at the roof’s peak and designated the end of a cresting’s run.
Decorative TrimsTrimsGridsGrids
Decorative trims are applied to the interior of an English greenhouse’s rafters. The trims create the appearance of a profiled rafter and can be applied applied to sills and eave lines to mimic crown molding.Grids are placed on windows to mimic traditional designs such as the “divided light” appearance of old single pane glass. Leaded grids can be applied to provide historic accuracy.
Palladian ArchesPalladian Arches
Palladian arches are a common decorative element and often feature a half moon design with “rays” projecting from the inner radius. Each Palladian arch produced by Solar Innovations, Inc. is custom designed for the specific English greenhouse it will reside upon.

English Greenhouse Architectural Accessories

Greenhouse EnteranceDormer Entrances
English Greenhouse entrances often feature a projected gable that includes a dormer and terrace door. Cold frames can be located on one or both sides of the English greenhouse entrance to provide a traditional appearance.
Greenhouse Roof CanopyCanopies
Small canopies can be designed to be placed above the entrance of an English greenhouse. These canopies are not only visually appealing, they also have the practical application of protecting gardeners from rain as they enter and exit the greenhouse. Most canopies feature a double pitch configuration and project 24″ from the greenhouse.
pinoleum blindsPinoleum Blinds
Pinoleum blinds are a traditional feature of an English greenhouse. These blinds are mounted to the roof and consist of individual pieces of hardwood. The slats are woven together into blinds which move on a track up and down the roofline of a greenhouse. This type of blind is well suited for environments with high moisture levels such a greenhouses.
BasewallBase Wall
The majority of English greenhouses rest on a base wall or “knee wall” as they are known. The wall is typically 36″ tall (or “knee height”) and supports the aluminum framed structure. Base walls typically consist of stone or brick.

English Greenhouse Color Selections

Traditional english greenhouse colors are generally muted and resemble earth tones, such as a wheat, leaves, or sage.  Solar Innovations, Inc.’s standard powder coat line has white, bronze, and tan offerings suitable for english greenhouses. A custom powder coat series is also available that feature numerous colors appropriate for classic english greenhouses including: Creme, Taupe, Slate Gray, Silver Grey, Aged Copper, Military Blue, Juniper, Pearl Copper, Redwood, Medium Bronze, Sea Shell White, Sierra Tan, and Koko Brown.

English Greenhouse Colors

Pictured above is a sampling of English greenhouse colors.

Please contact your Solar Innovations, Inc. representative for a full list of available color options and samples.

English Greenhouse Growing Accessories

Cold Frame GreenhouseCold FramesGreenhouse BenchesPotting Benches
Cold frames are small boxes with glass lids that are heated by the sun. Cold frames extend the growing season from early spring to late fall.A potting bench is an necessity in any English Greenhouse. Solar Innovations, Inc. manufactures custom potting benches to fit seamlessly into your space.
Wood TopStationary BenchesDecorative CornersDecorative Corners
To duplicate timeless English greenhouse benches Solar Innovations, Inc. offers mahogany wood top benches.By mounting these castings on the wall the corner becomes a plant hanger and shelf bracket, creating vertical growing space.
English Greenhouse
English Greenhouse

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